Thursday, January 14, 2021


My father-in-law told me his pooch was hurting a bit. 

We all have a Daisy.

We all love someone so much.

We all hold so deeply to the connection of a dear one.

This is a prayer for Daisy.

A prayer for her well-being, her health, her healing.

Yesterday, the word came from my father in law. His dear Daisy has been hurting with a troubled esophagus. And so we pray. And we hold out for the best.

For we all have a Daisy.

A dear, soft, sweet spot in our heart where there is room for another.

It's as if how our loved one feels, we feel ... how our loved one is doing, we are doing.

It's not a co-dependency; it's a connection, an extension of our selves with another self. It is our expanding to include the health of our dear one, be it a spouse, a child, a sibling, a parent ... a family pet.

Little Daisy - a faithful Boston Terrier - was located as a rescue by Roger a couple years ago.

Since then, they have been inseparable. A boy and his dog, no matter the age of either. If ever my wife and I receive a holiday card from my father in law, it's always signed "Dad and Daisy."

And so we pray.

For Daisy. For her full recovery.

Knowing that there is one power in this universe. Not two powers, but rather one.

And this power is infinite in knowledge, peace, joy, abundance and health.

In that perfect state of health, we are all connected.

We know and accept that anything unlike this perfect state is released at this very moment.

And we are well.

Daisy's body is in pure alignment with oxygen flow and blood flow, enriching her entire body.

The unlimited source of energy is alive and well within her.

As it is alive and well within all those who have their own Daisy ... in their own life.

For this vision, we do give thanks, in gratitude.

As it is being made manifest right here, right now.

We let it go and let it be.

And so it is.


And so it is, for my father-in-law and his pooch.

In a beautiful vision, no matter what the surface appearance displays.

In a time of need ... and connection.

In this prayer for Daisy. 


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I heard that my friend recently lost his mother. His story was moving and inspired some prose. 



Along my path, we had parted our ways

We had squandered the time in distance and delays

On my journey, there was separation at times

Yet there was a pull to unify our separate minds

In my sojourn, the beginning could start with none other

But the bonds and the beauty of a son and a mother

In my dreams, I embrace the freedom of one choice

In my dreams, I'll always be able to hear your voice

The voice was kind and sweet, always wanting my best

The voice that could put this boy to the test

The voice that was soothing for a soul on the path

The voice echoing memories of a rich and deep past

The voice that mended the hearts and healed the sores

The voice that will, in eternity, always be yours

Time moved along, the call came yesterday

Rekindling the pain that we had parted ways

Reminding me of real connections that can truly stay

Even as I hear the news - last night you passed away

In waking hours, I continue the tasks, all in stride

Yet in dreams, I reach out to where you now reside

In my dreams, all distance dissolves and I see you smile

In my dreams, the love has been here all the while

In my dreams, I embrace the freedom of one choice

In my dreams, I'll always be able to hear your voice

Your voice


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