Saturday, June 15, 2019

Love’s Momentum

I wrote this prose in June 2019 after recollecting a peak experience of awakening I had one day 20 years ago. It was 1999, and I was in a car with a girlfriend and two of her young daughters, aged 4 and 7. The two girls were singing along to the tune on the radio: "I want it that way" by the Backstreet Boys. For that moment, in the sweet harmony of sisters, the pure innocence of pure love filled the space. I was immersed in the full beauty of hearts free to express themselves. Even today, upon reflection, I can remember how love demolishes the insanity of this world of duality. 


Bursts of broken glass blow apart structures once sturdy
Cleansing from within the diseased, the downtrodden, the dirty
The peeling off of the dry and dead – reality’s skin
Crushing the delusions of every place we’ve been
Laughable, all stress – in an instant – melts to the ground
An open sky – space brothers smile at what we’ve found
Celebration rumbles up from underground roots
The return of the Lord of Lords, the truth of truths
No more need for forgiveness, retribution, reparation
Nor the desperate propaganda to keep us all in separation
No longer preoccupied with agony’s desire for attention
Fuck that – here it comes – yes it’s love’s momentum

It started from the first explosion of soul – a divine spark
Tumbling earthbound for the joyful excursion into the dark
Duality dripped upon us until we fell for it hook, line and sinker
Drowning our sorrows in poison – a lonely, early morning drinker
Buried in soot, buried in denial, barely a breath to exhale
Covered up – veil upon veil upon veil … upon veil
Even prayers leave us in despair, believing no one will ever be there
When all that is wanted is the face of someone, anyone, who cares
So we search – as we plunder, blunder, slumber along
Every step, deeper into the test, learning right from wrong
One hand clapping, our primordial face – all of life’s conundrums
Will it come - where is the eternal, the source … love’s momentum?

It is here, it is here, do not despair
Every time we proclaim that life is not fair
Seeds will bloom, given room, in full magic and splendor
Soothing all sores, healing all wounds … all so tender
Miracles arising everywhere – glimmering underneath dreams that are buried
The yin and the yang, the above and the below – forever married
Seen in anonymous donation, God’s invisible helping hand
Seen in two young sisters, in sweet harmony, singing glories of the latest boy band
Seen in the laughter of the child who recalls not history’s hell
Seen in in sublime response to prayer from our own wishing well
Seen in the dramas and karmas playing out in divine detail
Seen in the transcendent lesson gifted us every time we fail
Seen in the light of our life that often eludes our worldly attention
It is here, it is here, it is here … look for it … love’s momentum