Monday, October 10, 2016

Who Will Win The Battle Over Your Mind?

So many ways the media points you in a direction away from what is true and what is sane. This prose endeavors to return to you what belongs to you.


There is a battle you may not see
A battle for silent slavery
One opened and one closed door
The great Armageddon tug of war
The pull of hatred, the pull of love
To determine finally, what you’re made of

They want you; they need you
To question everything that you do
To turn from inner guidance proof
To buy the vile and distorted truth
To side with dark shadows of fright and fear
Hoping your hope will disappear
Cut into brown, red, white and black
Painting a future, preparing for attack
There is a battle you may not see
Cashing in on your slavery

Media mayhem makes you nuts
Mental bruises, bleeding and cuts
Lost are the sacred and the sanctity
You scream in your search for sanity
News forecasts are drizzly and dreary
You collapse in a crush, down and weary
There is a battle for your mind
They need you deaf, dumb and blind

But even in darkest night of the soul
There is something they can’t control
You have your choice; you have your will
That lingering voice … small and still
It never left; it was there at the start
The very first breath, the first beat of your heart
When children ran on simple playground
The smiles and giggles on merry go round
Before grades, punishment and lessons in hate
Before we found reason to hesitate
Learned over time, the dissonant note
Off rhythm and rhyme, a hole in this boat
Though deep inside we know what is real
It goes against what they’ve taught us to feel

So we do away with “they” – we take us back
And return the limited view of lack
For, there is no red, white, blue or black
We end the tug of war and endless attack
We’re left with a lingering ally and friend
One who never has to retreat or defend
It’s all right here, in me and you
We need not question what we do
We need not wonder who we are
The inner message now not too far
We can curtail this mind control today
The media blasts no longer hold sway
We can escape the invisible slavery
In bypassing the battle we can now finally see…