Friday, November 27, 2015

Free the Writer and Free the Book Within You NOW!

Back in the old days it was tough!

I recall when I first started writing books back in college and I had to research  publishers and self-publishing printers. I remember all the big printer equipment and companies were located in - get this - Michigan. And it all seemed so impossible. The thousands of dollars worth of thousands of books (they had giant "runs" to save money) and all that shipping, and the thought of giant boxes of books being shipped out to your parent's house so it could fill up a garage up to the rafters.

What a great idea ... that I knew would not lead me anywhere.

Nowadays it is different. And I am here - after self-publishing seven books in the past four years - to tell you the old days are gone! Self-publishing your book has never been easier.

You can have your book published. Yes you can. You need not listen to any other voice inside your head. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not good enough. These are all voices of resistance that have no power ... once you realize ... you can do it. No longer sitting on a shelf, in a binder, with the label "Book Not Published Yet" your book calls you, and your readership is awaiting the breakthrough.

I have learned a lot over the past few years. You don't have to wait on the publishing deal, which may never come. You can get it done now. Your way. There are many benefits to self-publishing, using a system I have found through Amazon's "CreateSpace."
  • Your book GETS PUBLISHED!
  • Library-Quality Books - Professional trade paperback binding. Looks cool!
  • Inventory Freedom - Books are printed to meet demand, not to be stored in bulk.
  • Affordable Copies - You can buy your own books at a low price, regardless of order quantity.
  • Free ISBN number.
  • Easy Money - Easy system to receive royalties through direct deposit.
  • Control - You are in control of your book: the design, the marketing, the branding.
  • Competitive Royalties - Some of the highest royalties in the industry. Much higher than those offered through larger publishers.
Sales commissions vary depending if you sell directly from your own stash, or if you sell through online services such as Amazon or CreateSpace's "e-Store." But in either case, ignoring the super-star author realm, the general figure for self-publishing (50 to 80 percent) is so much higher than what is available with small to large publishers (5 to 15 percent).

So what are writers waiting for?

No more headaches with pitches to publishers and agents. No more minuscule commissions that make you wonder why you ever sold your soul and product to some other person in the first place. No more boxes filling up your parent's garage with no place for any cars. No more keeping your ideas and inspiration on a shelf. Get your book organized, written and available to the public now!

To make it all easier on the authors out there, I have set up a webinar to walk you through, step by step, the writing and publishing process. It is easier than you may think. If you had a goal for 2015 to get a book published, don't miss this webinar outlining each step - from manuscript to a soft-cover, perfect bound book, available on Amazon, in libraries, in schools and in bookstores everywhere.
This webinar is perfect for the writer at any level in the publishing process:
  • Discover your "why" in creating a book.
  • Overcome your own objections in taking the next step.
  • Learn the 5-step process in organizing your thoughts, yourself and your book.
  • Be inspired in a community of like-minded authors ready to express their passion.
  • Learn the 7 basic steps in self-publishing your book.

It will transform you into a published author. You are ready. Yes, you are.

James Anthony Ellis is owner of Legacy Productions. His free webinar "Freeing the Book Within You" is Monday, November 30 from 5:30 - 6:30 pm PST. Interested parties e-mail him directly at

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank You Veterans - What Can We Do For You?

With all the rituals designed to thank our military veterans, we may wonder what our vets would actually want in appreciation. Or do we?

You’ve seen the patriotic scene before. A moment before a professional hockey, baseball or basketball game, a service man or woman - in full fatigues or uniform - arises and comes to the center court, center ice or the pitchers mound. There are a few words over the loud speaker from a boomeranging voice informing us of this person’s service to our country. There is perhaps the National Anthem. And he or she is the token military we are to thank in that very moment.

And so we do ... normally in a rousing applause as we stand.

We follow that by sitting down - having done our own patriotic duty - before enjoying a hot dog, a beer and the game in front of us.

With all the various ceremonies, rituals and parades designed to thank our war, military and service veterans, we may wonder what our vets would actually want in appreciation for that service. Or do we?

I don’t think we do.

I do think we believe it’s enough to stand up and applaud at the game. We may believe it’s enough that there is a visit from the Commander in Chief in his own photo op standing in front of a chosen platoon. We may believe the parades, full of flags and pomp and circumstance, do suffice. Or we may think the benefits the people returning from war receive is an adequate compensation for their hard work and dedicated service.

Either way, it’s interesting to consider that during these times of acknowledgment and appreciation, on Veterans Day and other days, we never seem to ask ... "So, how would you like to be thanked?”
This does not happen. No. Nowadays, we aren’t even convinced the health and living benefits are covering the needs of those returning. We know that there is indeed damage to those returning from their service, especially in war-torn landscapes. But we don’t see much of it. We don’t see the hidden and unhidden wounds, and we definitely do not see the coffins, the symbol of the greatest damage of all. Nowadays, we don’t call service men and women “humans” or even “soldiers,” but rather ”boots on the ground.”

Nowadays, the military is only viewed as visitors to the pitcher mounds and center courts, or in maudlin TV commercials surprising their mother or child upon their glorious return.

But what is the reality for these soldiers, officers, military men and women who serve a country that is supposed to serve them as well?

And how can we - as citizens who do appreciate their efforts and sacrifices - truly thank them? Perhaps instead of making up our own way by waving a flag or a momentary applause, we can approach them and simply ask, ”What can I do for you?”

James Anthony Ellis is a writer and producer living in Lemon Grove, CA. He hates war and those who send men and women into needless battles. But he loves the human spirit and wants those service people to receive the very best. He can be reached at