Wednesday, March 24, 2021


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Written for my father, James Arthur Ellis ... February 28, 1928 - March 15, 2021. Safe and peaceful travels.
What can you do when there’s nothing you can do?
Where can you be when it seems you can’t come through?
What can be accomplished when you’re supposed to let it go?
What is there to know when there is no way to know?
What can be done when you give it up to the glory on high?
What can you trust so that you and family can get by?
When the love is bigger than any actions that can be taken?
When mortal time and space makes existence seem forsaken
What is there for me to do, when feeling downcast and sad?
Perhaps simply … sending an angel to my dad
Yesterday in hospital bed, he laid in wait
Vitals were good, but other signs not so great
The morning came, and the text gave harsh news
Now there was something I knew I had to do
Get on the wet and rainy road, as fast I could
Crystal clear, taking action, hoping for the good
As I drove, I still questioned what I could truly bring
Like the drummer boy, I didn’t think I had anything
But focused on my mission, I brought what I had
Perhaps just a prayer and … sending an angel to my dad
Sending an angel 
Standing tall as we must
Summoning the faith
Surrounding ourselves in trust
Arriving at the hospital, it was a surreal scene
Something you see on TV or movie screen
Nurses, hospital room, hospital bed
My father prone … and my sister gently touching his head
Memories, concerns and tears arrive in times of life and death
With my eyes closed, I barley noticed his last breath
What can one do in moments when there is nothing left to do?
When the immensity of love is all that can come through
Perhaps just be, stay calm, and remain in the presence
Rekindling what exists in the still eternal essence
Peace would come in knowing there would be nothing left to add
Just this poem and … sending an angel to my dad
Sending an angel to my dad