Monday, July 15, 2019

Elijah Will Decide

My nephew's kid, coming up, heaven sent, all in the right timing. When asked the due date, the expected mother said "Elijah will decide." Ah, sounds like a poem.

The dawning light belongs to nature’s will
The dusk at night echoes a silence, still
The wind ushers through the valley, a faint wisp
Planets align whenever eternity calls for eclipse
The muse cups an ear and whispers the call of love
The Divine discards fear with an expansive view from above
Flowers bloom, gardens blossom – all in the right time
Trees stretch skyward, a destiny they are sure to find 
A womb cradles the sacred seed of life inside 
The day of arrival? Yes, Elijah will decide
Elijah will decide

The underlying intention is clearly made
Worry not, worry not; do not be afraid
There is enough of everything that we could ever need
For he is born from the infinite, that miracle sacred seed
The choice made with voice – it carries us home anew
When it comes the time to act, we’ll know just what to do
For those walking in the wilderness, knowing not where to begin
Will point in the right direction, turning their hearts back again
Taking a stand with hand in hand we’ll heed the flowing tide
The direction? Which way? Yes, Elijah will decide
Elijah will decide
And so we surrender once more, again, for the sake of all
And know we will arise when the Lord comes to call
As with the transitions: winter, summer, fall and spring
And the everlasting song, as the chimes of freedom ring
The clock on the wall just knows the moment to strike
The shepherd cares for a flock … mother, sister, father and brother alike
A family gathered in symbolic circle, pointing towards the one
In timeless anticipation of eternity … finally begun
Open to the miracle, open with nothing left to hide
The day and time of our rebirth? Yes, Elijah will decide
Elijah will decide
Elijah will decide