Sunday, November 17, 2019

Egos, Tyrants and Kings

This started with that agitation knowing that certain folks choose to be all choosy when returning voicemails, e-mails and text ... as if there isn't another human being on the other end looking for a connection. And then it just led onward.

At the end of the day, when all has been said
There will be the will of the living, and memories of the dead
There will be times of consideration by those who truly cared
There will be blankets and cookies and treasures that were shared
There will be sacrifices made by parents for their young
There will heroes who embraced the good for everyone
And then yet, there will be culprits whose hubris overruled everything
Watch out for the egos, tyrants and kings

They arrive in the night and take just for themselves
They'll drown out common courtesy with whistles and bells
Their conversations leave you invisible; it's all about them
What they've done, what they believe, and where they have been
They'll interrupt you as you speak, in the middle of your speech
They play the game of avoidance, a desperate hide and seek
You are just a meaningless prop, and they are everything
Beware of the egos, tyrants and kings

The appearance is shifty; they take many forms
They dismantle etiquette, standards and norms
Life is all on their terms; they get their own way
Agreements, contracts, commitments destroyed ... no matter what you say
At times their influence is subtle, the impact at first slight
Though one thing is settled ... they are always right
They need not call you back; they pick and choose what to do
Unless they need something, then it's "Hey, how are you?"
Responses to pleas for help, they weigh it in their mind
They hold leverage over what's meek, gentle and kind
Amidst this self-absorption, there is no care, no hope
It’s only a matter of time before the cutting becomes cutthroat
They are the snake that bites, the scorpion that stings
They are the underbelly – the egos, tyrants and kings

But in our power of choice, we can send them on their way
There will be nothing to explain, nothing to say
They've taught us a lesson, a high vision to keep
Reflecting back our own way we played hide and seek
We crouched behind their reign so we could all play so small
And avoid what would be our higher self's sweet call
Controlling, limiting and censuring ourselves all this time
Degrading, disrespecting, devaluing our precious higher mind
So with no make wrong, but only make right, we take a new stand
To be who we really are, and do all that we can
To embrace that inner culprit, he knew not what he did
He found his own way to keep it all hid
But now ushering everyone, and everything, out into the light
A brand new horizon is clearly in sight
The dove takes to the skies, the angel siren sings
God bless the egos, tyrants and kings

James Anthony Ellis a writer who can be reached at