Tuesday, December 15, 2020


I know it might be sort of late in the election process, but I have decided to announce my candidacy for the President of the United States of America.

I believe by now - with all the ballots already in the mail - that I will have to do really well in the write-in section. Please see the blank area on that ballot somewhere on there somewhere. It will be under a listing of other names such as Donald, Joe and Kanye. 

Please know I don’t take my decision lightly. I have thought hard and long about this. Probably too long. I mean it’s less than a week away. Could I be any more last minute? 

But fear not! I have reviewed the metrics and the early polls and, well, who believes that crap anyway. I am NOWHERE on there. Not a blip. In fact you five people who are actually reading this - are the first to know about my decision. 

This will take a major - I mean MAJOR - grassroots movement to see me all the way through to victory on November 3! Ah shit that’s like 5 days. 

I decided to run on the Procrastinator Party ticket. Brand new. Just made it up. And just in time. Many of you could easily qualify as upstanding members, if you only heard about this earlier. 

And acted earlier. 

My campaign promises will be short and simple.

  1. Removal of fluoride from all water supply.
  2. GMO labeling on everything, even non-food items. 
  3. Doors on all the boys bathrooms. (Oh wait that was a promise from 4th grade student council.)
  4. Dismantling the unaccountable FBI, CIA and Federal Reserve.
  5. Repealing the 16th amendment. People working hard for their earned wage should never have become a taxable event.
  6. Term limits for all congress people. After 6 years they have to get a real job. Sign up for “Indeed” or get a LinkedIn account or something.
  7. No law will be established wherein lawmakers don’t have to be the first in line to follow it.
  8. Free Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk for all. The rest, people will have to earn in some way, shape or form.
  9. No spying on ANY citizens ever.
  10. The destruction of those big brother red light photo cameras at those busy intersections.
  11. Police restored to a high place in society as respected protectors, without using them as revenue collectors for the state.
  12. No more of those fancy high-class meals for elected elites, spending our money on those affairs. Pizza and side salads OK if and only if Little Caesars reinstates the 2 for 1 “pizza pizza” deals.
  13. Shrink the government so small that its mascot becomes Daffy Duck the time he got shrunken down to the size of a pearl. And so small it carries only two jobs: 1. protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States and 2. ensure the people’s property and papers are protected ... from the government. 

For a running mate, I’m actually too embarrassed to ask anyone given the late notice. 

If anyone is interested please contact me.

But hurry. 

Prior to January 20.

Fingers crossed!!!


My Own Mandates


I’ve decided to just put it out there. Be transparent. Don’t be overly political or evasive, but rather just let everyone know what mandates (and executive orders) I would put upon you – I mean into place – once I become state governor, US president or the VP of my own home owners association.


Here goes, you have no choice:


1.  Must Reach Back


If some friend reaches out to you – via text, email or voicemail – you must return in kind such communication within 72 hours if you indeed received the message. This does not include group e-mails or marketing messages in mass, but only those directly sent to you with a friendly request for a return message. Since technology has made a reply take up to five seconds, there will be no excuses such as “I was too busy.” Come on. If someone reaches out to you directly, do the respectful thing. Don’t be an asshole.


2. Lead With Curiosity


When listening to someone speak, lead with the attitude of curiosity, in the desire to understand his or her side. You are no longer allowed to remain in your bubblehead listening only to the reverberating echo of your own past, your own thoughts, your own filter. Shut up and listen.


3. Honor Your Word


If you say you will do something, then do it. How simple is that? Some call it “integrity;” others call in “honor,” still others call it, “Bro – don’t fuck me up.” Make it a commitment. Make it your bond. Now, of course things will come up in life, yes. If for some reason you choose to “break” your word, you can still “honor” your word by making it up to the other person in some, way, shape or form. Mandated statement: “What can I do to make it up to you?” Breaking the mandate will have severe consequences. Heftier penalties for those who use the phrase “But I was going with my flow,” or using the strategy of spinning it around on the other person, saying he or she fell into “expectations.”


4. Courtesy Driving


This one is important. If you are driving up to a stoplight, and you don’t leave enough room for the person behind you to pass you on the right, you will face the consequence of some well-deserved beeps, dirty looks, and maybe some car “brights” flashed on you from behind.  And you will deserve it. Please be conscious of those around you and avoid this behavior. Really, I mean just stop it.


5. Vegetarianism For All


Starting now, whenever you read this, everyone must go vegetarian. I mean, have you been to a factory farm? A slaughter house? Me neither. And there is a reason for that. We would all be hurling for the entire next week. I know, I know. Protein, protein … you need your protein. Sorry, it’s a mandate. Figure it out. Though to be clear – this references vegetarianism only, not veganism. I GOTTA have my Starbucks Egg Bites!


6. Los Angeles Kings Fans


It will no longer be tolerated for hockey fans to root on any other team but the LA Kings.

Even though the Kings have sucked for the past three years. Those found with fan paraphernalia for other teams will have their possessions burned. This includes banners, jerseys, pennants, and those oversized foam fingers.


7. Constitution No More


No longer will we be following that flimsy piece of paper written by slave owners over 250 years ago. Also out will be: “natural law,” the Bill of Rights, the philosophy of brilliant minds such as John Locke, presumed innocence, due process, a free marketplace of ideas, the freedom of speech, law and order. You will have to follow the will of a few folks who know what is best for you.


People like me!


And yes, no worries, after this silly post … I’m going back to writing poetry about puppies.





(I went full-on Bruce circa 1973 when he thought he had to rhyme everything - remember: "Madman drummers bummers and Indians in the summer..." I tried to change it below, but it wouldn't let me. Here then, another plea for peace.)


Shaking in this quake as I lie awake

Everything at stake, yet it all just seems so fake

I try to breathe deep, so I can fall asleep

As beams in the attic creak, and stairways ascend too steep

Cries in the night, howling a burst of terror fright

Pleading for new sight, so that finally I can be all right

Time to be quiet and still, I'm offered an array of new choice

A deeper will, on this day ... a still small voice


A still small voice


Mortgages and bills, join broken dishes and spills

In the freak-out alarmist drills, a dreary prophecy fulfilled

A backache and headache crescendo into heartache

Stop the madness, stop the anger, stop the hate

Boisterous bickering in the head, all sanity has fled

I'd rather hear the music of the spheres instead

Moments to slow down, the subsiding of incessant noise

Reality found, heaven bound, heeding ... a still small voice


The still small voice


Faint like the baby's whisper sigh

The lilting serenity of a mother's lullaby

Recognizing the foibles, the folly and the play

Yet never losing sight of beauty along the way

The still small voice

Nudging gently, in guidance, pointing out a Divine plan

Judging not - any race, religion, woman or man

A soft breeze upon the face, always full of grace

Rushing not - but like a stream, moving a steady pace

The still small voice


Now seeing the majesty of the mountains, the clear blue sky

Perceiving the symmetry of the fountains, hummingbird wings as they fly

The mosaic of cause and effect, as above so below

The horizon ocean line perfect, the colors of the rainbow

The sunset and the sunrise, each time a new surprise

Transcending all man-made lies, as we all arise, arise, arise

Of life, what we make, take it higher, with the one and only choice

After the earthquake a fire ... and after the fire a still small voice

The still small voice


Sunday, November 15, 2020



My dog runs in her sleep.


Her little paws flipping up and down as she’s lying there. Eyes closed. Breathing deep.


She must be asleep.


And yet she runs.


It doesn’t appear to be a sprint but maybe a simple graceful jaunt. A jog. A trot.


And where could she be going? I wonder.


Could it be our neighborhood park next door? Could it be her going after a chew toy we threw down the hall? A run on the beach? She never seemed to like the water much.


Maybe she’s recalling the time when she’s ready for dinner and she jets to and fro between her momma and me hoping to get one of our attention. Barking loudly.


For it’s true besides the flipping paws, every once in awhile she’ll eek out this little muffled huff. High pitched. So faint. It’s actually sort of cute, but at the same time it’s somewhat sad.


She’s trying to communicate something to someone, and she’s also moving along in stride.


I will listen, I tell her.


Whatever your little high-pitched huff is trying to say I will see if I can decipher. Wherever you want to run to, I can run with you. The beach? The park? For a stuffed animal?


I will go along.


With you.


As we run. As we jaunt. As we attempt to get someone’s attention.


In our dreams. 


James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in San Diego, and can be reached at www.LegacyProductions.org.



Well now everything dies baby that's a fact
But maybe everything that dies someday comes back

Put your makeup on, fix your hair up pretty

And meet me tonight in Atlantic City

        - Bruce Springsteen


I miss the smell of jasmine. That lilting fragrance that used to meet me at the end of my porch as I left for the day, and faithfully greeted me as I returned home after some time away. The unmistakable scent from those lovely white mini-petals that bloomed at regular intervals, I think, whenever they wanted.
I had this plush row of jasmine shrubs that decorated one part of my white picket fence, atop of the porch, near the number of my home address. Often I wouldn't even notice whether the shrubs were in bloom or not, but there would be that fragrance. It would bypass my conscious mind, as I walked by, and yet it would linger on ... until it would register in me. That scent. That white vine. That beauty.
It would remain. For a time.
I miss the smell of jasmine.
For the days would come, when droughts thrashed Southern California greenery and scenery, and governors mandated that the public "kill your lawn" for the higher good, and the water sprinklers broke down, and my own preoccupations distracted me towards other needs. Yes, my focus was pulled away from the garden. Away from my care-taking responsibilities. Away from the jasmine that used to welcome me.
A negligent guardian, a sloppy steward, I failed.
I let it go.
Not just the jasmine. Not just the lawn, but the roses and the passion flowers and the vines.
I let it die.
And I am so sorry.
When I first considered purchasing the property, one of the main selling points was the magic of the flowers, trees, shrubs and landscape out front. I remember the friend who joined me in my home search, stopped me at one point when I wasn't sold on the house and exclaimed, "Look at the garden!"
Over the years, every once in awhile a different flower would appear out of nowhere. And it would be beautiful and wondrous and magical. Hummingbirds would congregate to partake in the nectar and the magic. Butterflies would visit for a time as they saw fit. And nature spirits, fairies and gnomes must have loved this playground, full of vibrant life.
I miss the smell of jasmine.
As the regret turns to grief, and then to tears, and then to heartfelt apologies, I find myself taking a new view on this garden. This morning I chose to meditate out on the patio rather than in my bedroom. I've taken to more regularly watering the plants and palms and even calling for some expert help in ensuring their health. I have planned for a date with the wife so we can share a meal out on the patio, perhaps with a tiki torch or two.
I have reminded myself that the original magic of that garden was actually planted by another, by a former tenant, and not by me or my wife. I have dedicated time now, every other day, in tending to this garden, in clearing away any weeds and overgrowth, so that soil will be made ready again ... for another sowing of a new seed. It can be a home for a magic that we ourselves can plant and watch grow.
I have missed the smell of jasmine.
And yet, after the loss and the letting go, there comes a new day. The sun will rise, as will the opportunities. And there can be a return ... to a garden evergreen, to an effervescent scent of beauty and to the lingering memories of magic that will live forever more. 

James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in San Diego, and can be reached at www.LegacyProductions.org.





The birds outside our front door gather routinely, when the coast is clear, when the time is right, and when the birdseed is scattered across the porch for them.
I don't do it every day, but I will a few times a week. I take three handfuls of seed and spread it out for them.

And that's when the action really picks up.

After awhile, the news gets around - word of beak - and soon there are up to a dozen beautiful birds enjoying a feast right before our eyes. They swoop in, get some grub, stay for a time, and then bolt away. Some of the birds also feed from the small birdhouse, but as that only serves as many as three at a time, the seating is limited. Still others will stay in waiting in the nearby tree on the far side of the garden, before they get their chance to swoop in.

It's a beautiful sight.

Let's be like the birds.

These birds must have some communication system that lets the other birds know about the feast aplenty here. How else would all these birds find their way to this locale at the right time?

I guess the initial "early bird" could do its own form of "smacking," loud enough for other fine feathered friends to hear. Or perhaps there is some hormone that is released when one of their own is chowing down. I like to believe that they all have some special chirping system that alerts the rest of the clan of the day's harvest.

Perhaps this is why when I see a lone bird picking away at this gigantic mound of birdseed, I never see him looking over his shoulder to guard his most recent find. (Granted their shoulders are so freaking small.) Not once have I noticed that the lone bird's chirps dissuade any other birds from finding this gold mine, as never has this chirp been translated as "Nothing to see here. Move along. It's all good." And finally, it must be pointed out that not one bird - not one - has been found to pocket seeds uneaten or bring his own Tupperware to gather up all this extra seed for himself, and himself only.

This is why I say we would be wise to look towards these birds.

Let us take what we need, and leave the rest.

Let us know there can be enough for all.

Let us put out the call to friends, family, countrywomen and countrymen, alerting them of the harvest available to everyone.

Let us remember the tune "Proud Mary" where "people on the river are happy to give."

Let us live in abundance and prosperity - not just so we get more and more, but so that we embrace a world where everyone's needs are met.

Let us be like the birds...


James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in San Diego, and can be reached at www.LegacyProductions.org.



Monday, October 12, 2020


Not to be outdone by the mainstream media, here is the news brought to you by Jim.

1. End of Media
In a surprise move, all news media outlets have been disbanded for lack of journalistic ethics. The Columbia School of Journalism was quoted as saying, "Finally." Such mainstream media will be replaced by everyone calling a trusted loved one and saying, "Hey what's up?" Sports will still replay highlights of games. And the Weather will be replaced with people going outside and looking up.
2. Miami Dolphins Dynasty Begins
With a routing of the defending NFC champion San Fransisco 49ers today, 43-17, the Miami Dolphins set the stage for winning the rest of their games this season, gliding through the playoffs, and holding the Lombardi Trophy in early February 2021. Coach Brian Flores sees a bright future. "Today is just the beginning. I see us taking the next few seasons as only the second, third, fourth and fifth teams to ever go undefeated," Flores said. "Anything to bring back some great sports memories for Jim."
3. Unity Breaks Out In the Streets
A local band of people marching in the street, holding signs, heading towards the freeway entrance, suddenly realized two things: 1. "Oh crap, the freeway has a bunch of fast cars on it." 2. "Everyone deep down truly wants the same thing, and if only we heeded the messages from all the great minds and souls from antiquity, all the way through MLK and Mandela, we could wake up to that unified state ... and then instead of walking onto the freeway, we could walk onto Rumi's 'Field' where we all could meet as one."
4. Writer's Books Go Viral Overnight
I'm happy to announce that all 8 of my books, presently available on Amazon, have sold out, making it the first time one author's books constituted the top 1 through 8 on the best-sellers list. Best news for this poet - it all happened before I had to die.
5. Sky Opens Up To Reveal Giant Mirror to People's Horror and Glee
Taking the lead from the Fleetwood Mac song "Landslide," a giant mirror in the sky has been set up to reflect back all the love, good deeds and bullshit back at the humans of planet Earth. Early deployment Sunday night elicited such early comments: "Wow, I didn't know I was such an ass," "You know - my hair doesn't really look that bad" and "Is this what you all had to be looking at all this time?"
Film at 11.
James Anthony Ellis can be reached at www.LegacyProductions.org.

Monday, October 5, 2020


Today, I felt as if I were in the flow.
The flow. The flow?
What does that mean when people use that term?
I know what it means to me.
It means there were a number of experiences that appeared to be set up on my path, one leading into the other, demanding minimum effort, with the timing taking place seemingly in an orderly and graceful fashion.
Since it's not every day (yet) that this takes place, I just wanted to write about it and then dive into the idea just a bit.
Have you ever had one of those days where things just flow, one into the other, with a hint of almost divine providence. (I had to look up that last term, but I use it anyway since it seems to ... oh I dunno ... flow...)
It's like everything is clicking together and right on time.
So here was my errand set before me:
  1. Go to "Garden of Vegan" near Balboa Park by 3 pm to pick up a Pumpkin Bowl for my wife.
  2. Head over to Dirty Dogs to get the pooch's nails clipped.
  3. Hit the bank to deposit some cash.
  4. Pick up my Protein Oats at Project Juice in Hillcrest.
  5. Swing by Starbucks for a coffee (for my wife) and a venti Mango Dragon Fruit (for my addiction).

That's a lot to cover and coordinate!
And on top of it, by the time we called "Garden of Vegan" we found out they closed at 3 p.m. And IT WAS 2:45 pm!!!
"Can you make it?" asks the wife.
"Can I?!!!!!”
Always up for a timed challenge, I gave a resounding, "Yes, if I leave now" - leaving out the related thought "and if everything goes in a flow."
Well, to cut a long story short, I hit it.

Somehow no traffic on the 5 merge heading north onto the 163. Cool. On the drive I called in the order for the oats and we both agreed on the 3:20 pm time frame. Sounds good to me. By the time I walk into the vegan joint, it's 2:59 pm. The lovely Savannah is so sweet. Even puts a lovely note on the container. 

I head over to Hillcrest to get it all done, first bank, then doggie nail clips, and then walk across the parking lot to Project Juice.

The gent there looks at his watch and says "Wow, right at 3:20 pm." I hadn't even noticed.
I guess when you are in the flow, you don't have to rush, you don't have to over-monitor progress or stress over things getting done. They just happen, all in the right order and the right time.
Perhaps life without stressing, added to a focused goal and consistent action is what helps to create the flowing experience.
The real kicker to the errand trip - made in record time of course - was not just that sweet message on the container from Savannah, but also this funny little nudge from the Universe. 
As I walked back across the parking lot to pick up the pooch from Dirty Dogs, just about ready to text Jennifer that all is well, I came across this vehicle. (See photo) I just had to take a picture of the license plate and include it in my text.
  • Keep breathing everyone.
  • Keep focused.
  • Take direct action.
  • Let go of a tight constraint on timing.
  • And see if you can go with it ... without stressing.
I'm going to give it another go tomorrow.
Or whenever the flow chooses me again. 
James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in San Diego, and can be reached at www.LegacyProductions.org.

Sunday, October 4, 2020



Had this title for a month after my wife uttered the phrase "I just want a quiet night." Knew it was a poem, just had to be patient until it was ready to write itself. 

As static buzzes in and around my head
Tossing and turning and tossing in bed
As heartache howls to the faraway moon
Harmonies crash in songs out of tune
As sunburns crack sores openly bared
Feet trapped in quicksand, minds racing scared
I long for the key to unlock bondage chains
I long for soothing touch to alleviate the pains
I long for open doors that lead to expanse
I long for the eloquence of the effortless dance
I long for transcendence, flying high above the fight
I long for the peace of a quiet night
I long for the peace of a quiet night
The plateau of wonder beyond wrong and right
The illuminated sparkle linking people together
Originating from the faraway forever
The open field where we all can gather there
Cradling, like baby girl, gently brushing her hair
The silence shimmering in everlasting light
At home in the haven of the quiet night 
In the knowing that battles and wars will be waged
And the bitter will fulfill their destiny rage
And players will act out selfish on the world's stage
On and on, over and over, every single age
In the knowing limelight lovers will present a two-face
And the news will drool over scenarios, worst-case
I can remain here, near and dear, longing for the truth
Never really needing any broadcast-blast outer proof
I can long for sunsets and sunrises that remind this soul
I can long for fractured parts to become complete and whole
I can long for the vistas that reveal the most glorious sight
And embrace, at the depth, the peace of a quiet night
A quiet night


James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in San Diego. His website is www.LegacyProductions.org

Saturday, October 3, 2020


The people came to the planet, as it was time to seed Mother Earth. Each bright baby soul, a divine spark of the Undefinable Source, arrived in order to learn of creation and manifestation in three-dimensional realities. 
What a trip.
A long journey without distance ... into the density of time and space.
In this green garden, these were simple times for the simple minded.
To help these new souls navigate this new dream landscape, the Grand Angels gave them truths to live by, and basic divine principles that could help guide their way on chosen path.
Building upon the ethereal principles, they would carve out an existence in physical form. The Wheel ... helpful. Harnessing fire ... be careful. And expanding upon the garden with vegetables of their own growing. Beautiful.
The divine principles included the wheel of cause and effect, the healing power of love and the least understood of all - “You will get what you wish for.”
At first this concept excited the people. “We get what we wish for!” They imagined such feasts and pleasures and riches. All they needed to do was wish for it and it would come to be.
So on they went making wish upon wish upon wish, their eyes glossing over with glee about such abundance.
But after some time the people grew despondent as their dreams were not coming true.
The message from on high: “In due time.” Since the people were new to “time,” they had no fricken clue what that meant. For the truth was they were born into the density of 3 dimensions in order to study - in the slowest of motion - creation as it unfolded step by step.
What better way to learn about creation, creativity and manifestation than to slow it way down in order to be observed in precision.
Previously accustomed to turning a thought into reality within an instant, this took the new earthly souls some time to get used to.
But they pressed on. And though they found that indeed the seeds they were planting - either in the actual garden or in their family and community - would bear its fruit ultimately, there were so many experiences that appeared completely unwanted.
“But wait,” said the people, “we heard we would get what we wished for. Why are we receiving such negative experiences?”
The Angels knew it was time to let the people in on what the people were missing.
“When we said, ‘You will get what you wished for,’ you did not consider the full reach of this principle. It is an absolute without any opposite or discriminatory nature.”
This was confusing to the simple minded. For they did not know that they would - according to the unyielding law - get everything that they wished for ... others.
What does this mean?
Basically whatever the people hoped would happen to their enemies would happen to them. Whatever wish created out of resentment, jealousy or enmity would be granted to the wisher ... for him or her. A wish for defeat would manifest their defeat. A wish for blessing would result in their own blessing. A wish for someone’s death would result in their death ... on many levels, some seen and some unseen.
Those who awoke to the breadth of this principle would ultimately suffer no more, at their own hands, as the tangled web of discord slowly was unwound. And peace came upon those with eyes who could see their brothers and sisters as they really were...
... All a part of this creation they were creating. 
James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in San Diego, on his 9,000th life. He can be reached at www.LegacyProductions.org.


Friday, October 2, 2020



Happy birthday October 1. Today is your day Miss Hennessy!
So regal, so loving, so perfect, so undefinable, so you.
Quite impossible to capture in words, but this folly-loving daddy gives his best attempt. 
I've often looked over at your mother and pointed out to her, "Hey, have you ever noticed that we have an animal living inside of our house?"
I say it to get a chuckle.
But then I usually follow that up with "Well, she isn't really an animal, now is she?"
So true. You really do go beyond definition.
Such a personality. Not your average "dog" I'd have to say.
You with your emotional intelligence that would be able to determine if someone was feeling down, and then have you bring to them one of your stuffed animals. Since, well of course, that toy brightens your day, so why wouldn't it make one of us feel better? An emotional intelligence that can feel out the room and recognize when it's OK to act (bark) out, and when it really is a time to be cool.
I recall the times you would come along on our visits to my mother who was failing in health. You wouldn't do the normal run around wild there, but slow it down, sit still next to her, and lick her ankles, which were inflamed.
Not your average dog.
No, what sort of dog can be afraid of the flies buzzing around or the sound of plastic bottles crunching but be fierce enough to attack cars driving by when the pack is out for a walk?
You would never back down against any foe that appeared to be threatening the pack.
You are definitely a pack animal (if I may use that term "animal" with you.) You need all of us to be TOGETHER. I even brag about you to my men's team, which is a squad of men designed to stick together and "be there" for each other. Sometimes one of our men on my men's team misses a team meeting for some reason or other. I mention to that absent man later that having someone missing wouldn't be OK if Hennessy were on our team.
Hennessy, you show me much how I could be, given the freedom and instinct that you possess.
  • You are authentic, not one fake move.
  • You show your love so purely, never holding back.
  • You reveal your disdain and your dissatisfaction so purely, never holding back.
  • You clearly communicate, and we never have to guess.
  • You are gentle when the time calls, you are playful when the time calls, you attack cars when the time calls.
  • You are regal.
  • You are undefinable.
  • You are pure.
Something to aspire to.
Something to love.
Something to celebrate.
Lady Miss Hennessy.
James Anthony Ellis is a writer and producer living with Jennifer and Hennessy in San Diego. He can be reached at www.LegacyProductions.org.

Monday, September 28, 2020


Our Founding Fathers saw the writing on the wall.

People weak. Humans full of their human frailty, subjected to the will of their own selfish egos, much like tyrants or kings. They saw people capable of taking advantage of political landscapes, as they would use friendships in high places to get their little “good ole boys club” what they wanted, leaving the rest of the society to fend for the crumbs. They saw the potential of “cronyism,” though they would not use that word since it was first uttered in 1840.

According to the dictionary, “cronyism” is known as “the practice of appointing friends or associates to positions or otherwise showing them favor due to having a relationship with them, rather than for their qualifications.”

Yes, such a practice holds the seed of corruption for sure. For in this scenario it isn’t about the good of the people, but the good of the friends. Not the good of the many, but rather the few.

But where did this all start – this concept of giving favors to friends over the desire for the good of the larger population?

Well look no further folks.

You were there.

You saw it unfold.

You knew it was happening.

Hell – you may have even taken part in this despicable act.

And you let it happen.

That’s right; I’m talking about: “Cuts and cuts back.”

Remember that?

This was the popular practice in grammar school when you were in line with the rest of your classmates, and a friend approached you wanting to be placed into line next to you. Well, you couldn’t just give your pal “cuts.” For that would put an extra person in front of you. The ingenious move would be to:

1. Give your friends “cuts” in front of you.
2. Then quickly cut back in front of your friend.

It was a perfect system. The friend already in line lost no ground, and the pal newly in the line would be way ahead of the rest of the pack.

Who else could fashion such a system but an 8- or 9- or 10-year-old?

For this is the level of consciousness where such behavior belongs.

It’s cute, it’s quaint, and it doesn’t really hurt any people.

The worst case scenario: a bigger and tougher kid towards the back of the line approaches the two little cheaters and pushes them around a bit for their mischief. Maybe, if they’re lucky, someone will see this minor act of breaking law-and-order and make it right. Kick the new kid, and maybe even the other kid, out of the line. That’s if they are lucky, and have the chance to recognize at a young age that there may be another reality to which they aren’t yet attuned.

That reality would be called “other people.”

The immature mind of a child mainly sees only his or her needs. As we grow, we expand to include others, as we broaden our field of reference and awareness of a collective good.

Heck, we’ll forgive the kids in line at school and even ourselves for the minor infraction in the act of “cuts and cuts back.” Young minds are immature because … well, because they are immature.

The adults who carry on such shady shenanigans? Sorry, there will be no excuses.

We won’t allow it. We will cut it off at the pass. No “good ole boys and girls club.” No cronyism. No special treatment. No two tiers justice system where one group or individual is given different treatment because of who they are, or who they know. Everyone will live under the same rule of law – keeping it all fair and square. We’ll call it a "Constitutional Republic," and we’ll fight for it in the name of the free.

And if any fanciful folks do so happen to go to that self-serving, selfish place, they’ll just have to take the consequences, learn the lesson, and then apply the principles of true equality and freedom the next go around.

Oh, and they’ll also have to go to the back of the line.

Right where the Founding Fathers envisioned it. 


James Anthony Ellis can be reached at www.LegacyProductions.org.

Monday, September 14, 2020


(I thought of another prose that could be part of a concept album, touching on the topic of bringing the sacred to our Earthly experiences. Find it in your discount bins at any participating Tower Records.)
On the surface we may suffer, as we ride the wild rides
Falling and scraping our knees, in the playgrounds outside
The fragile frames fight gravity, from the cradle to the grave
The body can be the home of the free and the brave
And yet tragedy can strike it down with one fatal blow
As we push and pull our way along the pathways we go
Disease and viruses can attack, and force decay
And so I pause … and so I pray
Relationships continue the glory of the wicked unknown
Revealing secrets about ourselves even we had not known
There is he and she and then me and we
Pushing us beyond barriers, so we can be who we can be
Discovering new hearts, new eyes, open to see
Uncovering the truths that shall set us free
But first we may walk through darkness, as we fight, separate, betray
And so I pause … and so I pray
Communities, societies, nations hold hushed destinies
Broken systems, politics, prisons, crimes, felonies
A shutdown shuts us up and then shuts us down
Corruption now normal, once hidden underground
Children abused, misused, or even missing out of sight
An empty swing set, squeaks and sways silent in the night
What is our birthright, what do we all deserve
Leveraging leaders forget the masses they are supposed to serve
The power of the people must stand up and have its say
And so I pause … and so I pray
Moving from the outward to the inward in one brief motion
I see where I must first put my energy and devotion
Delusions – a free-for-all for the sickened mind – hold no power
As we evolve … in the end … in the final hour
We hold out for the truth, and we envision the best
The illusions dissolve and die, and are simply laid to rest
I’ve got to get out of my head, out of my own way
And so I do what I must do, even in this passion play
In contemplation and meditation, the chaos and static simply fades away
Because I pause … and because I pray