Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Here’s to You, Dear Searcher

Inspired by the sacred space created during a "breathwork" session.

We come to this space of unconditional love
Seeking to find what is below and what is above
Opening our minds and opening our hearts
To return once again to that brand new start

It begins with surrender, and then a deep breath
A rebirth into bliss, to a life beyond death
Into the timeless, the spaceless, into the sweet will
Where thoughts cease fire, and deep waters run still

Here’s to you, dear searcher – you’ll find your way home
Where there is the one reality, where you’re never alone
We dive within ourselves, to discover that pure gold
The innocence that is our birthright, a love story to be told

So celebrate today and always, be here and now
Traveling as far as you wish, what your safety will allow
We acknowledge all you’ve done, and all there is to do
As you discover the meaning, and the truth of the real you

Here’s to you, dear searcher – planting seeds to be sown
Realizing your true nature, finding your own pathway home

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