Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Brighter Day - What Can You Say To Lighten Their Day?

"Light of the world shine on me. Love is the answer. Shine on us all. Set us free. Love is the answer."
    ~ Todd Rundgren

A Brighter Day
What Can You Say To Lighten Their Day?

And so it begins! July 1, 2018.

It’s the campaign to bring love and light and uplift to everyone … including you.

Consider yourself invited. But know that it is an exclusive invitation list, which includes only the inner circle of all humans who have the heart to play along.

So what is this campaign: “A Brighter Day?”

It’s a movement to uplift all those with whom you come in contact, as you offer a positive sentiment of personal acknowledgment.

Perhaps you require an example. Imagine this:

1.     You go to a Starbucks.
2.     You are greeted by a barista who takes your order.
3.     Your mind opens up to possibilities to bring some sort of acknowledgment, compliment or appreciation to this person, no matter their personality, no matter their familiarity to you.
4.     Sentiments are yours and yours alone, no script, and could be something as simple as “I appreciate your new hairstyle” or “My wife loved the last venti hot chocolate you made.”
5.     You either say the sentiment out loud, or choose to mainly keep it to yourself.

Sounds easy?  It is. That’s what makes it so hard.

There are a few notable guidelines, which I’ll get to in a bit, but the important part is not the response of the person, or barista in this example. No, something much more vital is available here.

What is actually happening in these encounters is more than a compliment to a stranger, who may or may not receive the good you are offering. What’s taking place is you are training your brain to look for the good all around you. And in your expression you are reinforcing the perception, making it tangible, real and part of a life experience. You are also creating a gift to another who could most likely be uplifted by your sweet sentiment. 

At last, you are conditioning your mind to consider ways of loving all those you meet up with on your journey in this life.

By design, if possible, this isn’t just a good thought, but an actual statement or sentiment that lifts them up in some way. Most likely those hearing the words will be uplifted; it’s often the case you will be lifted as well. But what is consistent and true is that you will be developing a consciousness to be in a place of lighter perception.

In the long run, it will brighten and lighten the day, with the actual words you choose to say.

Now what are some of the caveats?  There had to be some. And you may already be thinking of them with your own objections to this certain path.

First off, for logistical reasons, you won’t be speaking to ALL you meet in public. Consider giant crowds at a concert. And some folks you won’t want to offer something verbal – those hard at work for example. In some cases, a simple good thought sent someone’s way will be all that is available. 

Even so, we are indeed looking to make the experience “real” by uttering some verbal statement of acknowledgment towards another. It can take various forms as well, not necessarily a compliment. It can even be a light-hearted joke to bring a laugh or a smile.

When speaking with the opposite gender, be aware of the current landscape and the potential way your expression can be received. This isn’t the same as “come-on lines,” and some topics are off limits to those hearing a compliment about any sort of body part. I had one past experience inviting a female into a running club, stating that she appeared to have strong enough legs to run a marathon. That didn’t go over well. A friend of mine, who had the habit of calling people – male and female – “beautiful” got written up at work for sexual harassment. Though you don’t want to completely censure yourself, you will want to know your audience!

Also, if you are out there and someone actually triggers upset and anger in you, it may NOT be the best time to utter some “positive” words, as such statements could easily come across as anything from fake ... to sarcastic ... to confrontational.

This campaign is never about being fake, but rather finding the reality in the uplifting sentiment. There are moments to bring more challenging conversations if there is a conflict that needs resolution. As well, there are times to bring in constructive criticism when you are called to express this. (These are different campaigns.) For now, follow these supportive tips when the coast is clear:

  • Consider expressing verbally actual positive sentiments between you and another person. These can be ways they uplift you, a lighthearted gag, a compliment, or something you appreciate about them: a quality they possess or an action they have taken.
  • This is not about blowing smoke, or being fake with some phony baloney words.
  • This is not being “nice,” but expressing a perception of something that is actually working for you or something that you admire.
  • If are upset with the person, you may first want to resolve what stands in between you two prior to considering what to say to brighten their day. (Though starting off with an uplifting expression may support the conversation.)
  •  If there is discord between you or if no words are possible, you can resort to simply closing your eyes and sending a good thought or even a prayer – at least your mind has done its work.
  • Do not use sarcasm in these situations, or use veiled judgments, since that will send a confusing message.
  • Keep it simple and brief so the person knows it isn’t about striking up a conversation or a long-term relationship.
  • Use "I statements" as much as possible.
  • This is different than a “random act of kindness” – it’s an actual verbal statement to someone right there before you.
  • This is something you say in order to reach another person ... not a sentiment that serves you only, as in a physical gift you give another because you want to borrow it later.
  • If not in person, you could post something on social media or in a text, whichever is more fun.
  • Have no expectation on getting anything back. Don’t take personal the response, negative or positive. Remember this is about your training and not about you getting a reward. Your reward will be a heightened consciousness and a light that surrounds you.
And so there it is. A campaign, a path, a door to a lighter world. Imagine if more and more people took this on – instead of the overbearing “what’s not working” or “what’s wrong” mentality … what a great new place this could be. “Love one another” wouldn’t just be a catch phrase.

We will be able to just watch the vibrations rise within them ... and you, as we make our sentiments verbal for those we meet!  

The next person you see may just hold the answer to your own happiness. And that is because he or she will be your next opportunity to choose love over fear, to see the reflection of the divine and to uplift another on our path to uplift all.