Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Your Sky

A yoga teacher recently made a remark about reaching upwards during the practice. She used the words "your sky." I thought that was quite poetic...

Not your childhood, not your choice
Not your beliefs, not your voice
Sent to school to learn as they believe
Following their directions as well as their needs
But it’s yours to take back … reclaim, recover
It’s your life to, once again, create and discover
As you lay down on grass, without a question why
You fall into the sublime and your very own sky

It’s your sky – you peer into a world of forever
It’s your sky – you float upwards upon a feather
Your sky – you’re the one who calls in rain and clouds
Your sky – you’re the one who tears it apart with doubts
Your sky – a blank canvas with infinity as a backdrop
Your sky – you alone can make the thunder and rain stop

No longer holding chains from the past, you can start anew
You can paint in all colors magenta, indigo, green and blue
You can take a stand for who you are beyond preconceived beliefs
You can recall your playful and joyful spirit that resides far underneath
This is your day, this is your time, this is the moment to fly
It’s your life, it’s your soul’s journey, it’s your sky

Your sky – no need to struggle or try
No longer the dread of barely getting by
Your sky – ascend into the realm near the rays of the sun
Your time, your life – forever in this moment begun
There is that which was never born and never will die
It’s found in your heart and soul; it’s found in your sky

Your sky