Monday, January 14, 2019

There Comes A Time

There comes a time when all good rhymes
Arrive at the end of the line
When we say goodbye to the lies and disguise
And the facades built to hide
We say farewell and let go
Of the parades and the show
There comes a time
When the roles that we play
Have all had their say
And the costumes that we wear
Out of fear or despair
At last … give way to the sublime
For … there comes a time

There comes a time
When we ascend into the depth
Into that which is left
The ashes left behind
Can only remind
Revealing a truth that stands forever
Crushing status that never could measure
Demolishing everything into dust
Precious metals turn to rust
Melting masks, burning down, ripping free
Unlocking the prison with the key…

Our sweetness, our bliss, our glory
The start to the never-ending story
The light and the love
The raining gifts from above
The purity, the joy
A little girl, a little boy

Finally, in the end
For all family, foes and friends
We’ll embrace what’s yours, ours and mine
For always and forever … there comes a time