Monday, April 30, 2018

The Dark Night of the Soul

This night is not my night
It belongs to the realm of the hidden, out of sight
Where ghosts and shadows catapult into flight
Turning faces away from that which is right
This night is not my night

They call it the dark night of the soul
Where somehow we are to understand our role
Collapsing within, into one tight fold
Nothing left to grasp, nothing to hold
Just darkness in the dark night of the soul

So where are we to go and what are we to do?
When everything that is old removes what is new
Where everything that is false takes over the true
When everything glowing gold turns deep black and blue
Who is there to be; what is there to do?

The dark night is here; are we to fear?
Or allow it to consume all that is dear
Then devour us over time as we simply disappear
Dissolving into puddles made of 1000 tears
What are we to heed; what is left to hear?

In this, a night that must become my night
As I embrace a realm of the hidden, barely out of sight
Where shadows shatter silence in a knockdown fight
Turning all away from that which is right
This is a night that must be seen as my night
Though I share it with the angels who escape into flight
And usher in the arrival of the clarity light
Leaving dust, and brokenness in a final good night
Leaving behind the dark night that is no longer my night