Monday, October 15, 2018

Beneath It All

Fingers pointing everywhere - past, present, future 
A retreat from peace
Into shadows of regret, reeds grow high blocking the sun
Where is the one? 
A silence is devoured by earthquakes that shatter glasses tumbling from cabinets
My rage
Turning the page
Revealing the frustration beneath it all
Beneath it all

In frustration
The end of anticipation
Into a full blown cry of bitter consternation 
Eyes darting back and forth, to and fro
Where am I to go?
What has begun?
Where is the sanity? Where is the one?
Just a sea of hopelessness and depression beneath it all
Beneath it all

In a closet of darkness - depressed 
So much suppressed
A pillow suffocates instead of comforts
Placed squarely upon the mouth
Which longs for breath
As it awaits the death
Shivering and shaking, holding nothing dear
Succumbing to the numbing fright, the paralyzing fear
Beneath it all
Beneath it all

And as acts of terror bind the deepest night
A gentle bird ... somehow ... enters into sight
Crossing the sky on its eternal flight 
A glimmering hope brings a shimmering light
Faint at first, like the dawn's first peek
Then exclaiming "free" in a game of hide and seek
We rejoice in the recovery of a truth once known
The third eye has opened; this bird has flown
Now fully illumined we know what has begun
What's passed is passed, what's done is done
And so, awake, we greet the brand new sun
Remembering forever, we are the one
Beneath it all
Beneath it all
Beneath it all

Friday, October 5, 2018

On National Poetry Day

Thank you poetry
Thank you poem
You’ve led me inward
You’ve led me home
You’ve protected me
Never leaving me alone
You embrace me deeply
You are my very own

Thank you poetry
You’ve always been there
Through the tremors of fear
At times so scared
When I carried no hope
When I thought no one cared
Then you whispered to me
“We have something to share”

Thank you poetry
Though I felt the defeat
Though lost in the darkness
The dawn’s light, we did greet
I feel so blessed
The sentiment so sweet
Here, I stand with you
I am complete