Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Word From the Heart

Please free me, let me speak
Let me be among my own
In the realm of the free
Let me be
Let me be me
In a melody that all can hear
Beneath it all.
Beneath all discord and stress
Beneath all the plotting and planning
Below the struggle
Where we reside
No longer to hide
In oneness
A heart

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Most Important Thing In My World

By Jonah*

You call me J-Man, Jonah-Balona, Doghead and Bublet
Jonsey, Goof-ball, Silly Dog, Silly Boy and Puplet
No matter the name, it would be just the same
For in the end, all that matters … is that you came
I was in doggie prison for nine months before you came to call
Kiwi and Einstein didn’t exactly welcome me with open paws
But you rescued me, took me in, even though you had your own pains
And though you didn’t really like it, you would even walk me in the rain
Living the crate life wasn’t the great life, but we’d become “a dog and his girl”
You were, at last, the most important thing in my world

You’re like me: tall, with long legs, and a certain skip to your step
I’m so excited to spend time with you, I jump up towards your neck
You are my universe, I am your dog … your forever pup
You walk me every morning and night – always, no matter what
You feed me every day, and every two weeks I get a bath
It doesn't matter that I sit in the car ... I know you’re coming back 
We go everywhere: to Alabama, Northern Cal, or even just to the store
You take me on hikes with your friends – with legs both two and four
The beach, the water, Dogtopia, the big field with coyotes I can chase
And every morning and after work, I get to snuggle up to your face
In the bed we can cuddle, both of us in a ball we can curl
You have become the most important thing in my world

I know you get upset when I chase bunnies, or eat junk food off the ground
Or when I try to catch the squirrels that tend to run around
I just can't help myself … sorry … I do what I like to do
It has nothing to do with how much I admire and appreciate you
Always caring, you take me to the vet whenever I get sick
When I hurt my knee, you took me to rehab so my knee could get all fixed
When I almost passed, you did everything that anyone could do
Saying goodbye to Kiwi and Einstein – yeah, I miss them too

You love me, talk to me, cry with me, I'm always here for you
I especially like when you cook and let me sample the food
Let’s continue to be best friends – you, me and Marc
I’ll always greet you with wagging tail and an "I love you" bark
Thank you for being my Valentine, and for all those pet nicknames
For in the end … all that matters … is that you came
The story of you and me – a story of a dog and his girl
Yes indeed, you are the most important thing in my world
The most important thing in my world

* Written by Jonah for Wendy Prestera through an interview by Marc Prestera.  I just sculpted the words into a rhyme, not routinely heard by the canine ear.