Monday, August 24, 2020

Pencils and Straws

This one about the freedom of expression, in the form of pencils and straws. That's right; you heard me.

Go crazy boy, let your expression bust the sky
Life, such a joy, when your depression is just passing by
Freedom is forever here, freedom is right now
When you sever with your fear, living in the wow
May your conscience be clear, your spirit always young
The presence now appears, the future just begun
You play to your own beat, your energy riding higher
Now say you are complete, your energy will never tire
May your arms not grow weak, your fingers not go raw
The mad drummer on the lead ... with pencils and straws
Yes – pencils and straws – that’s what I said
Breaking no laws, why use drumsticks instead?
No matter what you pick, you create some more rhythm
A finger, a pen, a stick – orchestrate your momentum
You choose your instrument; tap it on the nearest “drum”
We’ll know just what you meant, as you slap it just for fun
Oh you silly one, with the fidgety innocence so pure
Communication fully done … will be, in a sense, the cure
It’s what the artist sees; it’s what the prophets saw
Banging on shins, ankles and knees … with pencils and straws
So perform your part, and do all that you can
Fully and from the heart, even on that old trashcan
Free your self and soul, play everything full out
Be yourself, be bold, learn to twist and shout
Use whatever you need, whatever might be nearby
You just might succeed, when you give it the old college try
Soaring in your joy – with every session, you fly
Go crazy boy, let your expression bust the sky
You reveal as you choose, beyond any failures and flaws
How can you lose – with all those pencils and straws
All those pencils and straws