Monday, July 6, 2020

You and Me Walking with Hennessy

A poem for my wife's birthday.

A stroll, a saunter, a daily journey through the park
Whether morning, afternoon, or just before dark
We mosey our way, in a timeless time gone by
Fresh legs, fresh air, open trail, open sky
Just a pooch, a couple kooks and some silly talk
Hennessy, me and you .... on our daily walk
There is no other place we'd rather be
Than you and me, walking with Hennessy

Escaping the grind of a world that has lost its mind
Let's go somewhere where there is something to find
Beyond the chaos that social media echoes out
Beyond all the voices who shout what they shout
The deluge of work, tasks upon tasks upon tasks
The silenced smiles hidden behind face masks
The riots, the lawsuits, the flame throwers, the looters
The governor whims, the orders, the stray shooters
Let us venture inward and onward towards sanity
Walking - you and me and Hennessy

On this birthday of yours, in this birthday poem gift
Let us invite in not upheaval, but rather uplift
Let us remember the illuminating light, forever sublime
Let us follow divine rhythms in every ever-flowing rhyme
Let us usher in a supreme power, found below as above
Let us embrace the one and only ever-present love
There is no other place we'd rather be
Than you and me ... walking with Hennessy

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