Sunday, July 5, 2020

The Invitation of the Cursor

Just look at that picture!
Is it not simply beautiful?
I sit back and just take it in.

I simply love it.

One of my favorite images I have ever seen.
  • The blank piece of paper
  • The clear, creative canvas
  • The invitation of the cursor

What I see is a wide open space, absolute unmitigated opportunity, cleared soil to plant a garden, an unconditional opening to express myself.

It's sort of like when I call up a pal and get their outgoing voicemail message.

Hmmm, voicemail? You mean I get three minutes to just speak without interruption? Just me and whatever comes to my mind? How cool is that!

Of course, knowing my audience, I know who will enjoy my creative rant and who will want to move along after 15 seconds or just immediately call back without listening to the message. (Timely side-note: thank you Andy, Jennifer, Laura).

Whereas that free three minutes can provide the open canvas to practice some creative "writing," there's nothing like that empty page of a Word Document, or a blog post, with that lovely blinking cursor.

I think it's using Morse code with that blinking. (Fact check me if need be).

It says:
  • You are free.
  • You can express yourself however you wish. 
  • You got all the time in the world.
  • I am here to listen and reflect back precisely as you've dictated.
  • Hell, we'll even put some red squiggly lines under some of your words that might need some spellcheck.
  • Don't forget to "save often."
OK, that last one may be just a stray thought I have logged after losing a document or two.

In any case, I am hoping we all have discovered our place to express ourselves. 

Where do find your blank canvas?
Who offers a clear invitation to share your life?
What opening do you find to express who you truly are?

Of course, there are those wonderful people who do this for us all.

And for me, as a writer, no matter the season, the time of day or day of the week, I also find it here: with this open page, this opportunity to reveal and share ... and this unconditional invitation of the cursor. 

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