Sunday, July 19, 2020



Dismissed, dissed, disregarded, overlooked, overrun … decay
Such despondence in such dismay
To think all that was needed was a response
A signal of recognition
A “got it”
A word
A nod of the head
A look within the eyes
An upturned grin
And a silent presence
Which could mean everything

For you were there

And yet…

The 1000-pound cell phone that can’t be lifted
With a return message
Or a text
In this day and age – a mere 10 seconds
If not less

And yet …

The changing of a subject
Much too soon
Much too fast
Could your idea not last
Not be saved
For later
A mere 10 seconds
After the nodding head, the “got it,” the signal
The acknowledging eyes
The presence
Signifying you were there
For the moment
For the expression before you
For me

And yet…

The interruption
Crossing out the last bit of expression
With the poise of a bull
Meandering through family heirloom china
Shattering the experience of relations
One wanting to convey to another
And with purpose
Experiencing the reception
The embrace
From you
And your grace

Desiring the experience that could mean everything

If just for that elusive moment
Wherein lies
A presence
A grin
A nodding knowing
And you

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