Sunday, July 19, 2020

Every Day Is July 17

As part of the daily challenge to post one piece of prose per day, I offer a recent Anniversary Gift written for Jennifer Ellis. July 17, 2010 was our first date; July 17, 2012 was the day I proposed by using a creative Treasure Hunt. Each year this is a day we acknowledge - in celebration of a love given birth.

A date to celebrate on the calendar
As we navigate the turbulent seas day by day
As we move about the landscape of life
As we take the unstable trails along pathway

Every morning a chance to wake up to abundance
Every day moments into the wind we can lean
Every evening a time to put our troubles to bed
Every day is July 17

A day we can recall a memory of taking the plunge
A day to make a pledge for the one pure connection
A day to snuggle and cuddle if we so choose
A day to fall into sweet and serene affection
A day we move along to yet another level  
A day we can find the time to play together
A day we can cross lines to move ever higher
A day we can find the time to pray together
A day we can watch our drama, upon the couch or off
A day we can be surprised about what it all can mean
A day we make sure to be present for each other
Every day is July 17

We can take our journey for fun, for laughs, for gaffes
We can make an adventure finding clue upon clue
In life’s crazy zigzagging scavenger hunt
We’ll see just what we can find, just what we can do
We can plan for a future aligned with the one power
We can propose a commitment at oceans’ sacred scene
In a setting where waves crash gently upon the shore
Every day is July 17

So, as we celebrate one calendar date
Upon trails we follow faithfully so we can find our way
Navigating the seas and exploring mighty landscapes
We can make July 17 … every day 

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