Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Source Material - A Pathway Back to Love

Everything leads back to source.

That's what I've learned over time, through the spiritual realms I have roamed and the emotional healing work I have done.

Years ago, in my early 20s, I set out to heal this weary soul, which was heartbroken over what I believed was neglect and what I experienced as loneliness. I was disconnected from others and disconnected to a source that would - if I acted upon it and let it live through me - sustain me, enliven me and usher in a sense of bliss and joy.

Not that I am consistently connected now, far from it; I often struggle in the pursuit of divine union. But what I've gathered over my healing work, men's work, breathwork, meditation and prayer is that no matter where I start or where I am, this place can follow a thread straight back to my source.

The so-called "positive" emotions and thoughts are easy to trace back.

Happiness = I am on track, connected with purpose and the life-force that illuminates this soul's sojourn.

Now it's those pesky so-called "negative" emotions and thoughts. How could they be anything but misguided and errant? How would these be a place to start on a path towards the light.

We are never left alone, not even in our own mind, dimmed and distracted by darker feelings and beliefs.

Here is one example that comes to mind.

If I am to feel angry, I don't need to remain there. I can follow the thread inward from this starting point.

I don’t need to make it wrong or right or positive or negative.

It’s just what it is – a signpost alerting me to attend to some stirrings within.

As long as I don't judge the emotion, I won't get stuck in it. We get stuck in our beliefs and feelings the moment we judge them. It’s like judging creates a big brick wall that won’t allow us movement or transcendence.
The freedom of the innocent life allows us to graduate level upon level, as long as the surface level (at the time) is acknowledged and embraced. It’s at these times of flow we can follow the thread down.
  • Anger not judged can be seen to be frustration.
  • Frustration not judged can be seen to be fear.
  • Fear not judged can be seen to be loss.
  • Loss not judged can be seen to be sadness.
  • Sadness not judged can be seen to be heartbreak.
  • Heartbreak not judged can reveal a heart so wanting expression.
  • A heart so wanting expression proves the existence of that endearing love.
  •  Love that is freed makes way for the dawn of soul, which has existed since time began.
I have learned that no matter the expression – of heart, mind and even action – there is one motivating force below it all.

Below everything is a force-field and life-force that continually pushes upward like a seed moving skyward through the soil. 

To discover this eternal force, you must simply pull on that thread. Follow it down. With no quit. With a steady breath and a faithful knowing.

It is here, we can find our true calling. And our true self.

Right there at source.

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Trust me I will be here
Trust I shall not leave
Trust that faith shall be rewarded
Trust and so believe
Find the space to find the time
Sit down and pick up quill
I will arrive amidst the silence
Your mind and heart be still
In that moment a voice will surface
A voice familiar to you
Unmasking the false and faulty tirades
Revealing what’s deeply true

A muse now a known identity
The ending has now begun
We join to be one mighty force
You and I are one
And so together we make our mark
A gift from the trust we shared
A receiver and giver play their parts
The results from we who dared
A poem we bring from our relation
You humbly surrender to prose
No matter if audiences come to listen
The appearance of a nameless rose
Partners we’ll be on into the future
I can not disappear
Trust shall always be rewarded
Trust me I will be here 

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Someone Somewhere Smiles

What do I want when I want it?
What do I want when I do what I do?
What is my desire when the creative sparks hit
When my writing decides to come on through
It may take an anguishing writer's block
It may take the first step of 1000 miles
Yet I realize nothing could ever make me stop
Until the time ... someone somewhere smiles 

If it's not a joke or a poke or a silly gag
Then it's a poem, an article, some piece of prose
Turning an audience from the upset, and the sad
To lift them to a place the archangel knows 
Yes, it is that sense of joy that I am after 
To stir up some happiness, lightness and glee
A bonus would be some falling-on-the-floor laughter 
Or even someone having to hold back their pee
Or even a snicker, a snort or perhaps just a grin 
This would satisfy a writer who pours over his art
That would be my championship trophy in a big-time win
Readers who read my words and then land directly into their heart 

So I shall carry on, sometimes early morn or late into the night
Refining the lines, perfecting the meter 
Making sure I write what is right
And playing the game of finders keepers
I shall keep what works and archive it into forever 
No matter the format, the medium or the styles
These words shall always keep us together 
Where, on into eternity, someone somewhere smiles

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Happy Lights

I saw lights and I was happy.
I'm still happy.
I didn't think I would feel that way.
I thought we'd just go walk around with Hennessy and look at Christmas lights around a street that has a lot of lights.
But it was weird.
After awhile, I just got this happy feeling.
There was a Santa in a chair on one of the streets.
I didn't go up to him and neither did Hennessy or Jennifer.

People patted Hennessy and one kid thought she was a wolf.
That's funny.
Sometimes people thinks she's a wolf.
She isn't but she looks like one a little bit.
She's not though, and never bites anyone. They just pet her. And they feel happy too.
There are a lot of happy people here.
It's not too cold. And it's not too late, and that's good cause we have school tomorrow.
We walked around for about a hundred hours.
There was one thing where you could put your head inside and take a picture. There were snowflakes on the houses. There were lights on top of the house too, and on the grass.
I didn't know I would feel this good after doing this.
But I do.
Almost like I am 7 again.
And anything can happen.

In the world.
With all these lights.

Santa Is Real

OK folks, here what's true
Uh-huh, so here is the deal
Turns out ... who the hell knew?
Yes ... Santa is real!
Now I know what you're thinking
You may be thinking that I'm nuts
But I've got a suspicion sinking
There's no ifs, ands or buts
It came to me while walking
It came to me today
My wife and I were talking
And I just had to speak up and say
Hey Santa is real, it turns out!
I had an epiphany
On top of roofs we should shout
Someone alert a symphony
Music and bells should blast
Children shall be alerted
An eternal Saint Nick at last
No longer are we deserted

Now this may all appear too deep
Or what's the word: "esoteric”
It may all exist below sleep
Transcending all that’s barbaric
It’s abstruse, obscure, arcane
Enigmatic, inscrutable or abstract
Cryptic, complex, complicated … insane
Or simply devoid of fact
But maybe it is profound
What I learned on my walk today
Heck, it’s simply what I’ve found
As I try to find my way …

If we can make up war
And devils of every kind
From the excitable to the bore
We create everything we find
If we can make up the daily news
Whether real or imagined true
Singing to glory or the blues
Knowing what we always knew
If we create our own reality
We choose what we must defend
Selecting the senseless or the sanity
Defining our enemy and friend
They say Adam named everything
Everything he put his hands on
And now we’ve learned how to sing
As the band steadily marches on
If the eastern spiritual dudes
Can determine all is an illusion
We are making up all our feuds
And embracing the dull delusion
Now lovers fight over nothing
Angry, they are tied to be fit
Looking for substance in the something
We make up all this shit
Into a hurricane we can be hurled
Searching for eternal love
And stumble along in a secret world
With Gabriel's "What is it we were thinking of?"

So if we can be so inventive
And manifest a world like this
Can we find a deeper incentive?
And follow our own true bliss
Can we imagine a world in kind
And picture ourselves in a boat on a river
What is it we could ultimately find?
Where could we be delivered?

In a world of pure imagination
We could eat all the dishes
Overcoming all consternation
Diving into the well of wishes
Here is where we can start anew
The depth of what we see, know and feel
Where love, giving, acceptance is true
And – yes - Santa is real
Yes … Santa is real

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Egos, Tyrants and Kings

This started with that agitation knowing that certain folks choose to be all choosy when returning voicemails, e-mails and text ... as if there isn't another human being on the other end looking for a connection. And then it just led onward.

At the end of the day, when all has been said
There will be the will of the living, and memories of the dead
There will be times of consideration by those who truly cared
There will be blankets and cookies and treasures that were shared
There will be sacrifices made by parents for their young
There will heroes who embraced the good for everyone
And then yet, there will be culprits whose hubris overruled everything
Watch out for the egos, tyrants and kings

They arrive in the night and take just for themselves
They'll drown out common courtesy with whistles and bells
Their conversations leave you invisible; it's all about them
What they've done, what they believe, and where they have been
They'll interrupt you as you speak, in the middle of your speech
They play the game of avoidance, a desperate hide and seek
You are just a meaningless prop, and they are everything
Beware of the egos, tyrants and kings

The appearance is shifty; they take many forms
They dismantle etiquette, standards and norms
Life is all on their terms; they get their own way
Agreements, contracts, commitments destroyed ... no matter what you say
At times their influence is subtle, the impact at first slight
Though one thing is settled ... they are always right
They need not call you back; they pick and choose what to do
Unless they need something, then it's "Hey, how are you?"
Responses to pleas for help, they weigh it in their mind
They hold leverage over what's meek, gentle and kind
Amidst this self-absorption, there is no care, no hope
It’s only a matter of time before the cutting becomes cutthroat
They are the snake that bites, the scorpion that stings
They are the underbelly – the egos, tyrants and kings

But in our power of choice, we can send them on their way
There will be nothing to explain, nothing to say
They've taught us a lesson, a high vision to keep
Reflecting back our own way we played hide and seek
We crouched behind their reign so we could all play so small
And avoid what would be our higher self's sweet call
Controlling, limiting and censuring ourselves all this time
Degrading, disrespecting, devaluing our precious higher mind
So with no make wrong, but only make right, we take a new stand
To be who we really are, and do all that we can
To embrace that inner culprit, he knew not what he did
He found his own way to keep it all hid
But now ushering everyone, and everything, out into the light
A brand new horizon is clearly in sight
The dove takes to the skies, the angel siren sings
God bless the egos, tyrants and kings

James Anthony Ellis a writer who can be reached at

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

You’re Not Welcome Here

Shyness whispers in my ear; despondency responds
One sure truth is all so clear, nowhere do I belong
As friends disappear, there comes to mind a lonely open door
The past appears, and now I recall the losses from before
There are no real surprises … just the echoes down the hall
And then the belief arises: "You’re not welcome here at all"

An absent mother didn’t see the medals I could have worn
A jealous brother oh so mean, saying: “It was better before you were born”
Hide and seek in the yard, you played it without inviting me
Math and speech so hard, I could barely manage a D
There were the cliques in high school, the athletes would gather inside
You know I just wasn’t that cool, the elites kept me outside
The dates I had were fine, and the relationships sublime
Yet fate would lead me blind, until connections left me behind
One betrayal after the other, I question if I can go on
Can I handle another chance to see where I don’t belong?
Not ever knowing where to start, or when to say what to say
And then even my own heart, found a way to keep me at bay
With little gratitude, I saw only the lack before my eyes
Even in solitude, my thoughts would attack my own disguise
Holding up a tight clenched fist, no relief, just a trip turning into a fall
Arising from a mindset mist, that belief: “You’re not welcome here at all”

And then alas it does come: a new mind, a new thought
No matter how far I’ve run, it was time that I got caught
Gradually, from place to place, the movement had begun
Finally, face-to-face, I saw the reflection of the one
Let’s hold it out, give it birth, and breathe a brand new breath
Let’s scream and shout, in our rebirth, seizing a timely death
A healed mind realizes what to do, and also what to know
A feeling kind, a path so true, in this time to grow
Full of grace and with loving release, we cut away what does not serve
With a steady pace, we shift beliefs, and accept what we deserve
Could the original thought be wrong, could we change a belief gone astray?
Could it be that I do belong, in a reality where it’s safe to say?
Yes, just in time, we secure a new phase, heeding the angels’ call
And now we decline and turn back the phrase: sorry ... you are not welcome here at all
You’re not welcome here at all