Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Is There Enough Light to Combat this Darkness?

It’s been so hard to watch the news of late.

Besides being confused about what is fact and what could be fiction, I find it so hard to watch the division, anger, polarization, fighting and violence.

It just seems so dark.

Born of the underbelly, thriving in the delusion, celebrated by forces opposing unity, peace and love, it appears the darkness is having its say and its way.

I’m not talking about a specific political stance or any certain campaign desiring fairness and justice. These point in directions of societal uplift. I’m talking about the strategies that incorporate absolute destruction – of buildings, businesses and even bodies.

Innocent, unsuspecting people being struck by a blinding blow to the head as they simply walk down the street. Bodies piling up in cities like Chicago and New York, victims of gunfire barely reported. Children … 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 and younger being used to fulfill some sexual deviancy.

And worse.

The likes of these societal scenarios … so dark.

My reaction has somewhat surprised me. I’ve actually felt the need to turn away.

·      In disgust.

·      In anger.

·      In fear.

Long the proponent of prayer and a Higher Power … a long-term practitioner of healing modalities such as breathwork, I’ve always known in my heart and gut that the Light could easily extinguish any darkness. But of late I have started to question.

Is there enough Light to combat this darkness?

It all seems so out of control. Or it appears whatever or whoever is controlling these actions and acts has run amok – unaccountable, unstoppable.

A wave of negativity. A tsunami heading towards shore, with livelihoods and neighborhoods, vulnerable, laying in wait for the inevitable devastation.

Knowing I can’t turn away fully, for avoidance and denial has never assisted the transformation on any level, I look for solutions.

And so I pray.

In a state of surrender, in a humbling hope for help from sources higher, I am open to play any role I can in the resurgence of the Light. Aware of my limitations wherein alone I can’t create any semblance of a global shift, I do take steps in addressing the darkness in my own way: writing, meditation, energy work, healing work, light work.

All together – with those aligned with the Light deep within them – we shall indeed allow for the great shift. It will be a tall order, but a challenge that must be met. Perhaps we’ve all been led to this over our entire lifetime, perhaps over centuries and ages.

I recall what one mystic told me many years ago. She told me it is basically unfathomable what evil people can do to other people. The torture, the dark deeds. Most can’t stomach facing it, let alone embracing it with healing intentions. She said that there was one being who could embrace all of that darkness because of a connection to the source of Light – something that allowed this one to overcome and dissipate the darker forces.

I imagine as times become darker, the more we must expand into our Light.   

As a collective, or as individuals, do we have enough Light in our soul and mind and heart to actually observe and address all the evil acts these forces press upon other people, including the children? Do we have what it takes to transmute, transform and transcend it all, so we can all return back into a pristine and primordial state of our true home?  

Perhaps we will need to call in that help.

From the Light itself. 

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