Friday, October 2, 2020


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Happy birthday October 1. Today is your day Miss Hennessy!
So regal, so loving, so perfect, so undefinable, so you.
Quite impossible to capture in words, but this folly-loving daddy gives his best attempt. 
I've often looked over at your mother and pointed out to her, "Hey, have you ever noticed that we have an animal living inside of our house?"
I say it to get a chuckle.
But then I usually follow that up with "Well, she isn't really an animal, now is she?"
So true. You really do go beyond definition.
Such a personality. Not your average "dog" I'd have to say.
You with your emotional intelligence that would be able to determine if someone was feeling down, and then have you bring to them one of your stuffed animals. Since, well of course, that toy brightens your day, so why wouldn't it make one of us feel better? An emotional intelligence that can feel out the room and recognize when it's OK to act (bark) out, and when it really is a time to be cool.
I recall the times you would come along on our visits to my mother who was failing in health. You wouldn't do the normal run around wild there, but slow it down, sit still next to her, and lick her ankles, which were inflamed.
Not your average dog.
No, what sort of dog can be afraid of the flies buzzing around or the sound of plastic bottles crunching but be fierce enough to attack cars driving by when the pack is out for a walk?
You would never back down against any foe that appeared to be threatening the pack.
You are definitely a pack animal (if I may use that term "animal" with you.) You need all of us to be TOGETHER. I even brag about you to my men's team, which is a squad of men designed to stick together and "be there" for each other. Sometimes one of our men on my men's team misses a team meeting for some reason or other. I mention to that absent man later that having someone missing wouldn't be OK if Hennessy were on our team.
Hennessy, you show me much how I could be, given the freedom and instinct that you possess.
  • You are authentic, not one fake move.
  • You show your love so purely, never holding back.
  • You reveal your disdain and your dissatisfaction so purely, never holding back.
  • You clearly communicate, and we never have to guess.
  • You are gentle when the time calls, you are playful when the time calls, you attack cars when the time calls.
  • You are regal.
  • You are undefinable.
  • You are pure.
Something to aspire to.
Something to love.
Something to celebrate.
Lady Miss Hennessy.
James Anthony Ellis is a writer and producer living with Jennifer and Hennessy in San Diego. He can be reached at

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