Monday, October 5, 2020


Today, I felt as if I were in the flow.
The flow. The flow?
What does that mean when people use that term?
I know what it means to me.
It means there were a number of experiences that appeared to be set up on my path, one leading into the other, demanding minimum effort, with the timing taking place seemingly in an orderly and graceful fashion.
Since it's not every day (yet) that this takes place, I just wanted to write about it and then dive into the idea just a bit.
Have you ever had one of those days where things just flow, one into the other, with a hint of almost divine providence. (I had to look up that last term, but I use it anyway since it seems to ... oh I dunno ... flow...)
It's like everything is clicking together and right on time.
So here was my errand set before me:
  1. Go to "Garden of Vegan" near Balboa Park by 3 pm to pick up a Pumpkin Bowl for my wife.
  2. Head over to Dirty Dogs to get the pooch's nails clipped.
  3. Hit the bank to deposit some cash.
  4. Pick up my Protein Oats at Project Juice in Hillcrest.
  5. Swing by Starbucks for a coffee (for my wife) and a venti Mango Dragon Fruit (for my addiction).

That's a lot to cover and coordinate!
And on top of it, by the time we called "Garden of Vegan" we found out they closed at 3 p.m. And IT WAS 2:45 pm!!!
"Can you make it?" asks the wife.
"Can I?!!!!!”
Always up for a timed challenge, I gave a resounding, "Yes, if I leave now" - leaving out the related thought "and if everything goes in a flow."
Well, to cut a long story short, I hit it.

Somehow no traffic on the 5 merge heading north onto the 163. Cool. On the drive I called in the order for the oats and we both agreed on the 3:20 pm time frame. Sounds good to me. By the time I walk into the vegan joint, it's 2:59 pm. The lovely Savannah is so sweet. Even puts a lovely note on the container. 

I head over to Hillcrest to get it all done, first bank, then doggie nail clips, and then walk across the parking lot to Project Juice.

The gent there looks at his watch and says "Wow, right at 3:20 pm." I hadn't even noticed.
I guess when you are in the flow, you don't have to rush, you don't have to over-monitor progress or stress over things getting done. They just happen, all in the right order and the right time.
Perhaps life without stressing, added to a focused goal and consistent action is what helps to create the flowing experience.
The real kicker to the errand trip - made in record time of course - was not just that sweet message on the container from Savannah, but also this funny little nudge from the Universe. 
As I walked back across the parking lot to pick up the pooch from Dirty Dogs, just about ready to text Jennifer that all is well, I came across this vehicle. (See photo) I just had to take a picture of the license plate and include it in my text.
  • Keep breathing everyone.
  • Keep focused.
  • Take direct action.
  • Let go of a tight constraint on timing.
  • And see if you can go with it ... without stressing.
I'm going to give it another go tomorrow.
Or whenever the flow chooses me again. 
James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in San Diego, and can be reached at

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