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The people came to the planet, as it was time to seed Mother Earth. Each bright baby soul, a divine spark of the Undefinable Source, arrived in order to learn of creation and manifestation in three-dimensional realities. 
What a trip.
A long journey without distance ... into the density of time and space.
In this green garden, these were simple times for the simple minded.
To help these new souls navigate this new dream landscape, the Grand Angels gave them truths to live by, and basic divine principles that could help guide their way on chosen path.
Building upon the ethereal principles, they would carve out an existence in physical form. The Wheel ... helpful. Harnessing fire ... be careful. And expanding upon the garden with vegetables of their own growing. Beautiful.
The divine principles included the wheel of cause and effect, the healing power of love and the least understood of all - “You will get what you wish for.”
At first this concept excited the people. “We get what we wish for!” They imagined such feasts and pleasures and riches. All they needed to do was wish for it and it would come to be.
So on they went making wish upon wish upon wish, their eyes glossing over with glee about such abundance.
But after some time the people grew despondent as their dreams were not coming true.
The message from on high: “In due time.” Since the people were new to “time,” they had no fricken clue what that meant. For the truth was they were born into the density of 3 dimensions in order to study - in the slowest of motion - creation as it unfolded step by step.
What better way to learn about creation, creativity and manifestation than to slow it way down in order to be observed in precision.
Previously accustomed to turning a thought into reality within an instant, this took the new earthly souls some time to get used to.
But they pressed on. And though they found that indeed the seeds they were planting - either in the actual garden or in their family and community - would bear its fruit ultimately, there were so many experiences that appeared completely unwanted.
“But wait,” said the people, “we heard we would get what we wished for. Why are we receiving such negative experiences?”
The Angels knew it was time to let the people in on what the people were missing.
“When we said, ‘You will get what you wished for,’ you did not consider the full reach of this principle. It is an absolute without any opposite or discriminatory nature.”
This was confusing to the simple minded. For they did not know that they would - according to the unyielding law - get everything that they wished for ... others.
What does this mean?
Basically whatever the people hoped would happen to their enemies would happen to them. Whatever wish created out of resentment, jealousy or enmity would be granted to the wisher ... for him or her. A wish for defeat would manifest their defeat. A wish for blessing would result in their own blessing. A wish for someone’s death would result in their death ... on many levels, some seen and some unseen.
Those who awoke to the breadth of this principle would ultimately suffer no more, at their own hands, as the tangled web of discord slowly was unwound. And peace came upon those with eyes who could see their brothers and sisters as they really were...
... All a part of this creation they were creating. 
James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in San Diego, on his 9,000th life. He can be reached at


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