Sunday, October 4, 2020


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Had this title for a month after my wife uttered the phrase "I just want a quiet night." Knew it was a poem, just had to be patient until it was ready to write itself. 

As static buzzes in and around my head
Tossing and turning and tossing in bed
As heartache howls to the faraway moon
Harmonies crash in songs out of tune
As sunburns crack sores openly bared
Feet trapped in quicksand, minds racing scared
I long for the key to unlock bondage chains
I long for soothing touch to alleviate the pains
I long for open doors that lead to expanse
I long for the eloquence of the effortless dance
I long for transcendence, flying high above the fight
I long for the peace of a quiet night
I long for the peace of a quiet night
The plateau of wonder beyond wrong and right
The illuminated sparkle linking people together
Originating from the faraway forever
The open field where we all can gather there
Cradling, like baby girl, gently brushing her hair
The silence shimmering in everlasting light
At home in the haven of the quiet night 
In the knowing that battles and wars will be waged
And the bitter will fulfill their destiny rage
And players will act out selfish on the world's stage
On and on, over and over, every single age
In the knowing limelight lovers will present a two-face
And the news will drool over scenarios, worst-case
I can remain here, near and dear, longing for the truth
Never really needing any broadcast-blast outer proof
I can long for sunsets and sunrises that remind this soul
I can long for fractured parts to become complete and whole
I can long for the vistas that reveal the most glorious sight
And embrace, at the depth, the peace of a quiet night
A quiet night


James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in San Diego. His website is

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