Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Source Material - A Pathway Back to Love

Everything leads back to source.

That's what I've learned over time, through the spiritual realms I have roamed and the emotional healing work I have done.

Years ago, in my early 20s, I set out to heal this weary soul, which was heartbroken over what I believed was neglect and what I experienced as loneliness. I was disconnected from others and disconnected to a source that would - if I acted upon it and let it live through me - sustain me, enliven me and usher in a sense of bliss and joy.

Not that I am consistently connected now, far from it; I often struggle in the pursuit of divine union. But what I've gathered over my healing work, men's work, breathwork, meditation and prayer is that no matter where I start or where I am, this place can follow a thread straight back to my source.

The so-called "positive" emotions and thoughts are easy to trace back.

Happiness = I am on track, connected with purpose and the life-force that illuminates this soul's sojourn.

Now it's those pesky so-called "negative" emotions and thoughts. How could they be anything but misguided and errant? How would these be a place to start on a path towards the light.

We are never left alone, not even in our own mind, dimmed and distracted by darker feelings and beliefs.

Here is one example that comes to mind.

If I am to feel angry, I don't need to remain there. I can follow the thread inward from this starting point.

I don’t need to make it wrong or right or positive or negative.

It’s just what it is – a signpost alerting me to attend to some stirrings within.

As long as I don't judge the emotion, I won't get stuck in it. We get stuck in our beliefs and feelings the moment we judge them. It’s like judging creates a big brick wall that won’t allow us movement or transcendence.
The freedom of the innocent life allows us to graduate level upon level, as long as the surface level (at the time) is acknowledged and embraced. It’s at these times of flow we can follow the thread down.
  • Anger not judged can be seen to be frustration.
  • Frustration not judged can be seen to be fear.
  • Fear not judged can be seen to be loss.
  • Loss not judged can be seen to be sadness.
  • Sadness not judged can be seen to be heartbreak.
  • Heartbreak not judged can reveal a heart so wanting expression.
  • A heart so wanting expression proves the existence of that endearing love.
  •  Love that is freed makes way for the dawn of soul, which has existed since time began.
I have learned that no matter the expression – of heart, mind and even action – there is one motivating force below it all.

Below everything is a force-field and life-force that continually pushes upward like a seed moving skyward through the soil. 

To discover this eternal force, you must simply pull on that thread. Follow it down. With no quit. With a steady breath and a faithful knowing.

It is here, we can find our true calling. And our true self.

Right there at source.

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