Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Touch the Sky

moving within
looking for the intention beyond the sin
a place to begin
and never look back
with eyes forlorn
full of scorn
agony born
no no no
the journey towards the present
not the future, the bygone, or a time before
the deepest core
that very first hallway through that very first door
the first pen to paper establishing our story
unveiling the romance, not the horrific or gory
the source of courage, guts and glory
searching, searching ...
our genesis, our start, our true foundation
the origin of heart seen in deep meditation
seeking a simple act of restoration
seeking, seeking ...
to be new again
as we move within
atoning for any sense of sin
so far we can fly
as we let past and future die
as we touch the highest of the high
and rest in knowing - we can touch the sky
touch the sky

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