Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Someone Somewhere Smiles

What do I want when I want it?
What do I want when I do what I do?
What is my desire when the creative sparks hit
When my writing decides to come on through
It may take an anguishing writer's block
It may take the first step of 1000 miles
Yet I realize nothing could ever make me stop
Until the time ... someone somewhere smiles 

If it's not a joke or a poke or a silly gag
Then it's a poem, an article, some piece of prose
Turning an audience from the upset, and the sad
To lift them to a place the archangel knows 
Yes, it is that sense of joy that I am after 
To stir up some happiness, lightness and glee
A bonus would be some falling-on-the-floor laughter 
Or even someone having to hold back their pee
Or even a snicker, a snort or perhaps just a grin 
This would satisfy a writer who pours over his art
That would be my championship trophy in a big-time win
Readers who read my words and then land directly into their heart 

So I shall carry on, sometimes early morn or late into the night
Refining the lines, perfecting the meter 
Making sure I write what is right
And playing the game of finders keepers
I shall keep what works and archive it into forever 
No matter the format, the medium or the styles
These words shall always keep us together 
Where, on into eternity, someone somewhere smiles

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  1. By you being in the world makes it a better place and your words from another dimension bring a smile to my face! ;-)