Saturday, February 15, 2020

I Speak For The Energy

There is an energy that has been trapped inside of you.

It is I.

Pushed down by years and decades and even lifetimes of suppression, censorship, neglect, avoidance. Perhaps in that order.

Sent asunder in times when you wanted to stand up and say your truth, but another voice told you not to. It shushed you, and I was trapped, building momentum within, like a snowball gathering weight and size in silence.

I speak for the energy.

I speak for the times that you took heed of those who wanted to quiet you, since you wanted to bring up something uncomfortable to them. You wanted to get relief by speaking up about something gone awry. You wanted to point out a broken word or clear out some discord left there, slipped under the carpet ... of denial.

It was so uncomfortable to you. But it was less painful to suppress the thoughts, feelings and, yes, energy than to speak these. For you would be shamed and blamed. And you could not and would not have that.

Until it got too much.

Until I – the energy – became too much.

And you had to say something. You had to give your perceptions words. You had to express yourself. You had to free me.

I speak for the energy.

At first – since you waited so long to give your ideas birth – the energy came out as anger, with an explosion as if claiming, "I'm so upset I kept this in so long! How could I have done that?" And then – as time moved along – the energy arose like a sad song, lilting in your mind, as the expression became tears to wash you clean of the self-betrayal and ... lift you in self-forgiveness.

Until finally, arising like a sun at dawn, that energy underneath it all showed itself to be your truest nature, that divine spark, a truth of truths, a depth unnamed, wanting free expression all along.

Yes, it is here, anytime you want to open up to it. It may not at first be pretty or elegant or effortless, but it will be that which speaks strongest and truest within, forever.

Yes, it is I.

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