Wednesday, January 15, 2020


Trust me I will be here
Trust I shall not leave
Trust that faith shall be rewarded
Trust and so believe
Find the space to find the time
Sit down and pick up quill
I will arrive amidst the silence
Your mind and heart be still
In that moment a voice will surface
A voice familiar to you
Unmasking the false and faulty tirades
Revealing what’s deeply true

A muse now a known identity
The ending has now begun
We join to be one mighty force
You and I are one
And so together we make our mark
A gift from the trust we shared
A receiver and giver play their parts
The results from we who dared
A poem we bring from our relation
You humbly surrender to prose
No matter if audiences come to listen
The appearance of a nameless rose
Partners we’ll be on into the future
I can not disappear
Trust shall always be rewarded
Trust me I will be here 

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