Sunday, December 15, 2019

Happy Lights

I saw lights and I was happy.
I'm still happy.
I didn't think I would feel that way.
I thought we'd just go walk around with Hennessy and look at Christmas lights around a street that has a lot of lights.
But it was weird.
After awhile, I just got this happy feeling.
There was a Santa in a chair on one of the streets.
I didn't go up to him and neither did Hennessy or Jennifer.

People patted Hennessy and one kid thought she was a wolf.
That's funny.
Sometimes people thinks she's a wolf.
She isn't but she looks like one a little bit.
She's not though, and never bites anyone. They just pet her. And they feel happy too.
There are a lot of happy people here.
It's not too cold. And it's not too late, and that's good cause we have school tomorrow.
We walked around for about a hundred hours.
There was one thing where you could put your head inside and take a picture. There were snowflakes on the houses. There were lights on top of the house too, and on the grass.
I didn't know I would feel this good after doing this.
But I do.
Almost like I am 7 again.
And anything can happen.

In the world.
With all these lights.

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