Sunday, September 20, 2015

War - What is it Good For - Absolutely Nothing

War is a bunch of glorified and romanticized bullshit.
That’s hard to fathom if you haven't realized how much you’ve been duped and romanced by those who would convince you that war was vital for your freedom and your present nation’s way of being. Yes even though our history books will spin the wondrous tale of victorious WWI, WWII and the like ... it’s all rubbish.
A tough concept to swallow … unless you are a human with a human heart.
Take it to a microcosmic level and attempt to comprehend. Would the neighbor on your block who had a problem with your dog be wise in communicating and negotiating through conflict, or would it be best if he simply created an all-out attack on your house? Which one is the mature approach? The wise approach? Do our so-called "leaders" truly bring such a context of wisdom in finding common ground and unity, before the military "missions?"

The lying, falsifying or demented leader calls for his or her people to go into battle. Someday, the public will know there is bullshit in a newscast as soon as a supposed "leader" chooses sending his or her people to their death rather than being a mature adult and supporting true relations with honest negotiations. Do any parents worth their weight support their kid in a fight over working things out maturely? Why do we not expect the same from our "leaders?"

You will call this example ridiculous and out of scope, but it's only because you have thoroughly been sold a bill of goods; you have bought into the widespread and long-standing propaganda, the romance of war, the axis of evils and the "us and them" mind-warp, the false pride of a nation above all others ... even though the horror is so gruesome and hideous.

Our own sick and self-serving ego loves the idea of domination and must live vicariously through the rah-rah pride of some battle "over there" somewhere. We can justify the bloody messes because some machine has taught us that it's the right thing to think. Wake up and see the body bags, the tortured souls, the limbs that are scattered, the civilians blown apart without much care since such foreigners are not humans like "us." Justify this lie and continue to be fooled.

Meanwhile those who heed the call of peace and non-violence - sentiments spread by saints, unconventional outlaws, and master spiritual teachers - will continue to speak up. We will continue to march, continue to stand in civil disobedience, continue to fight the good fight without weapons of any sort. We will continue to pray... that the dream of war and the false victories profiting no one will someday end.

Jim Ellis - writer and producer living in Lemon Grove - only justifies battles on the sports fields and ice rinks where warriors still have the sanity of referees, rules, penalties and the delineation of players and spectators. He can be reached for a healthy argument at

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