Thursday, September 10, 2015

911 - Let Us Remember ... In a Different Way

This is a time to remember, yes. However, this may not be the sort of memorial you are accustomed on this poignant day. It is not meant to bring any disrespect, but rather bring the highest of respect. And embrace a view that encompasses us all.

For those lives that were lost, let us bury them with respect, honor and love. Let us do that once - for the sake of completion - and no longer use their lives and deaths as a vehicle by careless characters to realize an agenda still bent on revenge, war-mongering and holier-than-thou elitism. Allow the loss to be what it simply is, as all our losses are: painful.

Let us feel the pain of our losses. 

And let us remember. Yes, let us remember.

Remember not for the sake of continued bitterness and national righteousness. Remember not so we can hold a separatists' sword ready to plunge blindly at the next country the media and administration tells us to hate. Remember not because we pretend to still care about lives we never really knew.

If we are to remember anything, let us remember the love and the loss we feel when any human is murdered, killed or in any way lost to us. Let us remember that a lost life is not just an American's life, but a life lost to the family humanity - and such lives are being lost all over the globe, all over this city, in homes of family and friends we do know personally and intimately.

And finally let us remember a time, a mystical and sublime time, in the brief period following that fateful day. As the smoke still billowed and ashes still smoldered, there was a quiet hum that could be heard. It was the sound of the one heart that does truly care about the family humanity. It was a global community that grieved for the hearts that hurt and experienced loss. It was a planetary embrace for the common denominator that connects us all. There was a unity bond that arrived in the form of empathy and shared compassion. And it promised a peace - if we lived at this level and remembered this feeling always. 

As warmongers and media hounds do their best to tear down this level of unity, and hijack this day and those lives away from our brotherly and sisterly oneness, let us remember, let us truly remember ... we always hold the power to take that back. 

James Anthony Ellis is a writer living in Lemon Grove. He can be reached at

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