Saturday, September 3, 2016

You are Free to Choose - Cultivating Discernment in These Challenging Times

Below is an excerpt from the book "Preparing for the Best," available HERE, which focuses on our challenging world and ways to address this. The one major point-of-power during times of change is the power of choice, a power available to all beings that claim the freedom that has always been theirs. This discernment will be necessary to cultivate and fine-tune as we move forward into any challenging times.

You are free to choose. To choose your friends, your foes, your furniture, your work, your home, your life. There is nothing outside of you that can really stop you or make you do anything you wish not to do. You don't have to be downtrodden. You don't have to be under fire. You don't have to be Joe, Sam, Jane, Sue, Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother. You don't have to be here … or there or over there in that relationship. You don't have to be anything, anywhere. The bottom line: You are free.

Can you feel that? Can you sense it? Somewhere inside – deep in the heart, way up in the higher reaches of mind – such a freedom sings and rings loud and clear.

But for so long, so long: "I just can't do it." "I want to, but I just can't." "I can't leave this job, even though I'm unhappy." "I guess I'll be sad my whole life." "I know I'll be mad my whole life." "My boyfriends are all the same." "My wives are all the same." "I'm stuck." For so long, we have placed ourselves in boxes, neatly wrapped in definitions given us by those who wouldn't know. We have remained in the boxes – stuck, trapped, defined – letting life move on. We've let it flow all around us as on the banks of the river, in anemic pathos, we've sat in our boxes. We have accepted definitions and imprisoned ourselves, choosing to remain in an unconscious state, miles below our potential, feeling low, unfulfilled, and thinking we had to stay since we knew no other way.     

But the word now? You don't have to be stuck. How many times must we hear it before we know it to be true? You are not trapped. You are not imprisoned. You are not held back. You are free. You are free to choose and make your life.

For the chains that bind us are our own. Yes, this is true, no matter how we'd rather find a victim's comfort in blame, denial and passivity. The chains are negative thought-forms and unresolved emotions that we've acquired through our own experiences. The chains are ours. We've done it to ourselves, even when our own beliefs about life, the world and ourselves come at us by way of the actions of those parents, siblings and acquaintances.

Basically, we are responsible for the unfolding of our lives, whichever way they move. It's this very notion that allows us the freedom to remove ourselves from the negativity, the boxes and the chains. If we put ourselves there, then we can free ourselves. There are ways. And there is time. But the time is now to clear. The time is now to see you can get out of the prison you've entered voluntarily.

You built the prison, and you are the guard. All you must do is truly get to know these guards. See why they’ve been guarding you, keeping you locked inside. See what makes them tick. See what makes them mad, sad, guilty, tense, uptight. And most of all see what makes them cry.

All you must do is search within this keeper and get to the truth of the matter, get to the roots of those issues blocking the flow of love and life. You must use whichever path or tool works best for you to reach your blockages. And once you get to the blocks and blow past them, you'll see that you can be lighter. You'll see you can be outside of the definitions, traps and boxes.      

Then here, at this time, you'll see that you never were really stuck at all. It was just a deception, a lie you made up because you didn't want to see the truth, a truth that forever knows … You are free.

James Anthony Ellis is a producer and writer whose new book "Preparing for the Best" outlines predictions and prophecies for a new world, as well as survival tips and uplifting inspiration to get us through whatever comes our way. Book found HERE.

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