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Interpretations: How to Perceive Prediction and Prophecy

Below is an excerpt from the book "Preparing for the Best," available HERE, which focuses on our challenging world and ways to address this reality. There are 55 sources that are quoted along the lines of prediction and prophecy. But the question arises how do we interpret such predictions?

It can be tricky, this thing called prophecy, prediction and precognition. According to one explanation, definitions pan out this way:
  • Precognition: A gut feeling about the future, some psychic sense about what is to come.
  • Prediction: A declaration – using a psychic sense, dream or vision – about a specific action or event that will take place in future time.
  • Prophecy: A message from God about what is to transpire in the future, used as a warning or as an inspiration to prepare.

In each case, all are related to a concept quite difficult to grasp when living in the here and now. And that concept is: the future. For, such questions arise: What is the future? How can you see it? Has it already happened? Can free will change it? Is there free will? Is it all destiny?

I have my own thoughts on the matter. I see predictions as a way of relating a trend, a sensing of the path that one is on and where it's headed. Predictions inform people of where their chosen path will take them. Predictions say: "If you keep going down the road you're on, you will end up A, B or C." It's like a diagnosis.

For example, if you have a sugar habit and refrain from brushing your teeth, you could develop a tooth problem. A prediction would be: "I see you at the dentist; you are in pain; there is this whirling, buzzing, drill sound; also I hear screams for mother."

Upon hearing this warning, this foresight, this "prediction," the person then has the awareness needed to change the behavior in order to change the outcome. The person could see that tooth brushing would alter the destiny he or she was creating.

Now this is a simplistic example. Realities that we are creating for future times may be deeply entrenched in previous times eons old or a collective consciousness miles thick. How easy it is to change a destiny is up to the awareness, commitment and fortitude of those creating it. The reality of war or planetary destruction involves the accepted notions of millions of people. Do all these people wish to work on changing that? Can they see that they can? If they did see they could change the trend, would they still wish to?

Perhaps a good percentage of the population receives some benefit from war, global disasters, depletion of nature. Perhaps it's all a part of the lessons of life. We've all destroyed, killed and depleted before, in ways small and large. The two basic questions are:
  1. Do we wish to change the trend of battle, strife and separation?  
  2. Is there a large enough percentage of people who want to change that?

With the recent predictions – from psychics, spirit beings, futurists and scientists alike – we are given the warning that answers to these questions are required now.  There is no way that this Earth can withstand the treatment it has received. Even the woman so tied to an abusive husband will leave, if just to save her life. We are being told now about the end of the road for which we've been aiming for thousands of years.

The predictions tell of economic gloom, ecological doom, planetary boooooom. Some predictions have given dates and windows of time for their manifestation. Of these, some have missed and some have hit. We're left wondering about the accuracy of dated predictions.

I have found, through my association with psychics and other forecasters that actual predictions and their actual manifestation don't always match. The reasons are five-fold:
  1. As noted previously, predictions offer a wider awareness of a trend so that you have time to change what is being created.
  2. The timing of the prediction can be changed due to the free will of those people involved in its manifestation. Also, I have heard that spirit time and human time are different. Whereas spirit sees events, humans see time, and combining the two can bring on confusion.
  3. The prediction is a misconception, a misperception, a "miss."
  4. The prediction is something that can be interpreted in different ways: literally, figuratively, symbolically. For example, the predicted "three days of darkness" might not necessarily mean three days without the Sun, but could mean three days without electric power or three days of warring.
  5. Similarly, by the time the predicted material is manifested, it could appear different than what your logical mind imagined it to be. Sometimes, people will take a prediction and then, with their own projected expectations or imaginings, make it into something of their own creation. In a simplistic example, something like "You will find love" can turn in someone's head to say, "You will marry a man and have children."
Along the same lines as this last point, there is the popular view that we, as creative beings, produce the reality we are expecting all along. This can be seen in the example of the cult leader who predicts battle and bloodshed and then makes it happen in a fight-out with police. But I wonder how deep this view can go. Do we create EVERYTHING in our experience? Or is it the case that an external force, like a new vibration or a New Age, can be impressed upon us or brought into our experience to change (i.e.: adapt or die)?

Likewise, I wonder if this could mean that only I and those who attune to a prediction – as in the example of the three days of darkness – would make something like this happen for us only, in ways that would make sense to us only. For example, if I'm the only who believes in such a reality, perhaps I will end up locked in a dark closet for three days in 2017.

So many questions and quandaries arise with the notion of prediction and prophecy. And here, then, is one more: How can we take them?

I would say take prediction and prophecy like you would any other input from this world. Take it as a gift, an offering from one aspect of the universe to another. It doesn't mean you have to accept it all or discard it all. It doesn't mean it has to be The Truth or The False. Just hear it; take it within; let it open doorways inside of you; allow it to trigger a deeper awareness within.

For that is the true purpose of all of life's input: to trigger and inspire a deeper internal awareness. See where it works or doesn't work for you. But in any case, do keep open to what is being said. Keep listening; keep searching, keep reflecting.

Oh, and keep reading; there's still more ahead.

James Anthony Ellis is a producer and writer whose new book "Preparing for the Best" outlines predictions and prophecies for a new world, as well as survival tips and uplifting inspiration to get us through whatever comes our way. Book found HERE.

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