Thursday, September 15, 2016

162 - I Thought I Could Do It!

Hennessy catching some zzz's with a plump Ellis.

Yup, 162.  That's what I said.

Who knew it could happen? I guess I could. For it was a very strong intention. And it happened.

At one point in my life, I was pretty darn fat. Not fat fat, like out of control fat. But the sort of fat that comes from being married to a a very awesome Italian who loves to cook.

Now I'm not blaming my wife for my outrageous form. It was my idea to ask about "seconds" and then make sure there were NO freaking leftovers in the home. I loved the cooking, and I wanted to partake in this awesome food. I wasn't exactly svelte before getting together, but I sure let myself go after we met and married.

All on me.

And yes, I mean ALL ON ME. At 5'7" I was weighing close to 190 pounds. That creates a situation where pants don't fit, a belly is ballooning and the naps on the carpet with my dog come fast and hard. Also, as shown in the above picture, the midsection wouldn't even deflate! You know that phenomenon when your stomach appears smaller when you lay on your back, how all the guts fall towards the ground? Well, it wasn't happening in my condition. My packed gut would only allow for the appearance of Mount Ellis.

But then came 162. It wasn't just a number. It wasn't even just an intention. It was a thought-form that grew more and more powerful as time went on. You see, I put it in my mind that the goal of weighing 162 would be a cool goal. I told my wife about it, and best of all I challenged my dad to a race to that number.


My dad, who also was packing on some poundage, had playfully joined me on the race to 162. Every time I mentioned my weight, I would bring up the number 162.

Here is where the magic happens, if you are open to it. When you continually place a number in your head and hold some emotion and drive around it, then that reality has more and more of a chance at becoming real.

And over time, it did become real. I did change. It wasn't through dieting or focusing on the scale. It was simply through the constant energy of "162." Though life experiences came along to help me towards that goal - some dental work, curtailing the gluten intake (which helped create those impromptu naps with Hennessy) - the real life-changer was the intention and the holding of 162 in my head.

Whereas before I would look down at the scale and see it hovering just over 180, now I look down at the scale and often see 162. I am hovering over 162. Yup, 162!

So glad to be skinnier. So glad to be lighter. So glad to still be able to partake in some great Italian cooking. And so glad that a Universal Law can be in place where our own intent, focus and attention can create what we really want in life.

James Anthony Ellis is a writer and producer living in San Diego. He and Hennessy can be reached at

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