Sunday, July 26, 2015

Seat Belt Beeps Needed for Other Areas of Life

So your day on the road is about to begin... free and easy, highway ahead, wind in your dog’s hair. You hop into your Toyota Corolla, Dodge Colt, Hyundai Elantra or Chevy Impala with the freeway dream of the long and winding road before you.

Then it happens. Beep, beep, beep, beep.

You think it will end after awhile, like any of those agitating flies that buzz around. You think if you just let it ride itself out, you’ll be left undisturbed. But it doesn’t stop. And for good reason - it’s trying to save your life silly. Because it’s an annoying sound, purposely so, and because it just won’t stop, you have no other choice but to do what it wants: secure your seat belt.

The last time I met up with this beep, beep sound, I did acknowledge the positive nature of it. How it’s trying to bug me and get my attention so that I do something that will protect me and be good for me. Thank you Mr. Beeper!

My next thought was: ”How come we don’t have such devices for OTHER times in our lives when we need such support?” I wondered why there were not other beeps that came along, incessantly, when we were doing something that could ultimately harm us, or were performing acts that were dangerous or putting us at risk.

For example, where is the beep when you are:
  • Getting into a bad relationship
  • Drinking too much
  • Eating bad food
I was wishing some magical engineer could fashion such a device to make annoying sounds that got our attention just when we needed it. Such as:
  • An incessant friend who won’t stop nudging us as we get all starry-eyed around Joe From-Hell or Josie From-Hell
  • Violent vomiting once we overly imbibe that friendliest of poisons: alcohol
  • An agitating cough once we take the inhale of that first cigarette
  • That droopy and tired feeling in the body when we overeat or intake food that doesn’t truly agree with us
Hmmmm. My next thought after that?

Perhaps, we don’t always have an unavoidable noise when we start a pathway that will ultimately harm us. But if we listen - truly listen - to the signals from the mind, body and even spirit ... we won’t ever be steered wrong.

Beep beep!

James Anthony Ellis is a writer who drives his Hyundai Elantra all over Lemon Grove. His website is:


  1. It is fun to get a glimpse inside Jim's head!

  2. Thank you! I can share any time. Hopefully not repeating myself.