Sunday, July 19, 2015

Grab Bag of Random Thoughts From My Mind Today

Some random thoughts on this Sunday from the head of Jim:

  • I wish they would stop making those commercials using the scenario of a military man coming home to surprise mothers and children. Pulling at heartstrings for the sake of some marketing agenda? Sick! But what's sicker is the fact they don't ever provide the balance of scenario where mothers and children are surprised with the return of military men ... in a box. Now that surprise would pull at the heartstrings, but may be bad for the business being promoted and the business that is called "war."
  • For all my dark thoughts, I'm actually quite a silly person. I believe the silliness saves my seriousness, and my seriousness saves my silliness. 
  • When you have two independent clauses with a joining conjunction such as "and," there should be a comma in-between. Just think: "could these two sentences stand alone?" If yes, add the comma before the "and." Trust me.
  • When our hearts are flowing love outward, it's hard to have our feelings hurt. Not to say the lack of returned affection and love doesn't suck. 
  • Beware of the smokescreens. The distracted public is too much like the baby with wild eyes observing the dancing mobile above a crib. Look to alternative media and the black-and-white facts for what's really going on. Old-time journalism, prior to the opinionated "hearsay journalism," was a beacon for such truth. 
  • Imagine if you had a friend that had the same personality that comes from the TV news. Gossipy, showy, focusing mainly on depravity, death and negative drama. See ya dude!
  • Do the baseball coaches who pull a starting pitcher ever do so in order to get themselves and their ego into the game as managers? If so, booooo. Greinke was throwing a 3-hitter you dumb-ass. 
  • It's raining. Thank you cloud. 
  • I had another random thought, but damn it - it got away. That's why they call them thoughts and "random."
  • It's so much easier to jot short notes and thoughts rather than a full-blown article, even though it takes the same amount of keystrokes. 
  • How many random thoughts constitute a full article post? What? Less than this? Ok.
  • Happy Sunday. A great day to remember the freedom ... from what humans have created.

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