Sunday, December 15, 2019

Santa Is Real

OK folks, here what's true
Uh-huh, so here is the deal
Turns out ... who the hell knew?
Yes ... Santa is real!
Now I know what you're thinking
You may be thinking that I'm nuts
But I've got a suspicion sinking
There's no ifs, ands or buts
It came to me while walking
It came to me today
My wife and I were talking
And I just had to speak up and say
Hey Santa is real, it turns out!
I had an epiphany
On top of roofs we should shout
Someone alert a symphony
Music and bells should blast
Children shall be alerted
An eternal Saint Nick at last
No longer are we deserted

Now this may all appear too deep
Or what's the word: "esoteric”
It may all exist below sleep
Transcending all that’s barbaric
It’s abstruse, obscure, arcane
Enigmatic, inscrutable or abstract
Cryptic, complex, complicated … insane
Or simply devoid of fact
But maybe it is profound
What I learned on my walk today
Heck, it’s simply what I’ve found
As I try to find my way …

If we can make up war
And devils of every kind
From the excitable to the bore
We create everything we find
If we can make up the daily news
Whether real or imagined true
Singing to glory or the blues
Knowing what we always knew
If we create our own reality
We choose what we must defend
Selecting the senseless or the sanity
Defining our enemy and friend
They say Adam named everything
Everything he put his hands on
And now we’ve learned how to sing
As the band steadily marches on
If the eastern spiritual dudes
Can determine all is an illusion
We are making up all our feuds
And embracing the dull delusion
Now lovers fight over nothing
Angry, they are tied to be fit
Looking for substance in the something
We make up all this shit
Into a hurricane we can be hurled
Searching for eternal love
And stumble along in a secret world
With Gabriel's "What is it we were thinking of?"

So if we can be so inventive
And manifest a world like this
Can we find a deeper incentive?
And follow our own true bliss
Can we imagine a world in kind
And picture ourselves in a boat on a river
What is it we could ultimately find?
Where could we be delivered?

In a world of pure imagination
We could eat all the dishes
Overcoming all consternation
Diving into the well of wishes
Here is where we can start anew
The depth of what we see, know and feel
Where love, giving, acceptance is true
And – yes - Santa is real
Yes … Santa is real

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