Monday, April 15, 2019

Joining In One Force

Delivered May 142019 at the "Keeping The Peace" film premiere event in San Diego during National Police Week. More information: HERE.

Here, in sacred celebration, we meet on common ground
Reclaiming what is ours, rejoicing in what’s been found
Peace of mind, peace in heart, peace in community
The end of the eternal search for a neighborhood unity
Returning to core principles that keep us on one course
Citizens and law enforcement … joining in one force
It begins with a common purpose – a singular, focused goal
It begins with what’s known as “wellness” – of body, mind and soul

Beyond the struggles and conflicts, below all that is mad
Realizing our humanity rests below the vest and badge
Beyond the few bad apples who don’t reflect the commitment here
Below the anxiety, angst, desperation, fright and fear
Healing and health is present now while we all take on our duty
Embracing the grace, accepting the fate, seeing all of the beauty
All it took is just one look below one thin layer
To see the care and selfless service – an answer to a prayer

Though media will publicize the derision and division
We’ll turn the tide, and look inside, and make a new decision
Officers – they see so much yet run towards the danger
Let’s replace with admiration and appreciation any sense of anger
Let’s realize the job they do, and know we are all human born
To hold the line, to protect and serve – yes, they have so sworn
And so shall all hear the call and give from the common source
All of us here, and those far and near … joining in one force

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