Monday, April 15, 2019

So Taxing

Let’s ponder this fact, once proposed as an act
That would bellow abundance for all
To pay for the battle we all posthumously wanted
For – no worries – a limited time only
Never to rise above 5 percent … or so
So that …
So that …
So what?
To ultimately justify the siphoning of your soul
For your labor
For the sweat on your brow
For you – the new cash cow

While elites laugh over the 16th, designed by the poor to milk the rich
What a bitch
The switch that transformed the easy ride for the low
Into a money pit where income and life-energy would flow
Once a chance to grow … with other people’s money
But now look – how funny!
One big tax code, getting fatter and fatter and fatter
Like cattle to the slaughterhouse, we are funneled right into our fate
Now too late
To overturn the indoctrination that would, in absolute insanity, make a taxable event of your labor
Save the favor
Five generations deep, we’re all asleep
To the nightmare that allows the controllers to use our money
For what?

For wars
For Clintons, Bushes and Gores
For spaceships
For spaceshit
For bullshit
For senseless scientific studies that belie the scientific method
For expensive red tape
For plans to populate, with pins, a checkerboard map made of nations
For strategies to desecrate and defile other people’s homes and bodies
For black-tie events and the armed guards that protect them
For the overlord 1040 and 540, now legal in the eyes who have forgotten
And now give willingly, at gunpoint and up against threats of further slavery
Under the weight that gets heavier and heavier and heavier
So heavy
So wearisome
So taxing
So taxing

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