Tuesday, March 22, 2016

You Remembered the Pepper

The pepper.

Yes, it was remembered. So much so, I had to murmur the phrase "You remembered the pepper." Now, this may not seem like a big deal to some, but if you only knew the backstory.

And so here it is:

As a youngster, there were many comfort foods for me:
  • Poptarts
  • Lucky Charms
  • Honey Combs
  • Campbell's soup
  • Pasta shells with butter and pepper
The latter was just your normal pasta shell cooked to softness, with the addition of butter and pepper. Sound simple? Well sure! It had to be - I even learned to make it (along with my younger sister) when I was in my early teens. The meal had to have all the parts - shells, butter and pepper. Without one of these elements, it JUST WOULDN'T have held the comfort that comfort food is supposed to hold.

Flash-forward a few decades, and I haven't felt very healthy for over a month. The wife presents some options for dinner. One of them was gluten-free pasta with some organic vegan butter. My eyes lit up. The main ingredients were there. Shells, butter. I then let her know about the whole "pepper" aspect to my comfort food dealeo.

Later on that evening, as the meal was being placed upon the table, my mind raced to this odd concept that "Oh no, she may have forgotten the pepper." I don't know why I thought this. My wife is quite the one with the memory and the ultra-consideration. But the doubt was there, if just for a streaking moment.

So, when the moment came - and I peered upon the meal in front of me, there it all was. Besides the other parts of the meal was the pasta in a bowl, and a pepper shaker right next to the bowl.

"You remembered the pepper."

This meant a lot to me, let me tell you. Again, may appear minor to some. But for this boy who recalls some old-time comfort, and for this man who is so very happy to have a wife who not only remembers what's important to me, but makes sure she does all she can to see that I receive it, I could not be happier.

Love you baby.  Let's eat!

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