Sunday, March 20, 2016

I Can't Believe What Happened To Me At Work!

You are not going to believe what happened to me at work the other day.

Imagine this. This is all about imagination and all about analogy.

There I was working a good half-day of work. Four hours at $25. I did my best at the job and truly felt I earned my keep - a solid $100, a "Benji" as it were.

Upon my departure of my place of employment, a masked man, unknown to me, approached and
DEMANDED that I give up my money. WTF!

It seemed that he would want all of it, the entire $100. However he said, "I'll take half of what you earned in there." I don't think he had a gun, but I wasn't going to make too much of a fuss. He let it be known that those he worked for DEFINITELY had guns and could even come and put me in jail if I didn't give him half of my $100.

WHAT? I would be arrested if I refused to give up my hard earned money? That is ludicrous. He was the one demanding - pretty much at gunpoint (might as well have been) - the money he felt was due to him.

Due to him? I was the one who worked for it. I was the one who put the effort out and earned it. Why the fuck would he say that it was due to him? The amazing gall of such a prick.

Plus I wanted to say ... what the hell are you going to do with that money you're stealing? Now I didn't say it exactly like that, since I didn't want to rock the boat. I just said, kindly and gently, "So upon what will you spend the money you are presently acquiring?" He provided me with a pie chart, which I was supposed to believe. It actually showed that well over half of my 50 bucks would be spent on his own upkeep and then also the cost it would take to build up his empire, invade other people's property and blow the brains out of adults and children. 

Number one - I don't want anyone to take my money without any justification, other than their lie that it's due to them and they can legally do so. How can that be backed by a country based on freedom and equality, and the power of natural law found within the Constitution?

Number two - I don't want ANY of that money they are "appropriating" to be about overtaking other people in other places, destroying property and killing innocent lives.

But what is one to do? Tell me America, the land of the free and the home of the brave ... what is one to do?

James Anthony Ellis is a writer and producer sick of government overreach, living in ... I don't want to say now.  He can be reached, for creative purposes only, at

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