Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A Poem and Prayer at Christmas 2018

All Things Great

And so we continue this crazy game
The prayer, as always, remains the same
In all things great, our abundance is ours
From the grains of sand to the faraway stars
From the dawn of light to the fading night
From our surrender to God to fighting the good fight
From the lows of lows to the highs of highs
From the flower in the walkway to the heavenly skies
From the love of consideration to the rage of disrespect
From the doubt and dread to the needs that are met
Our father in heaven guarding over a little girl and boy
Our prayer: our health and wealth and joy 

Yes, all things great – they belong to us
As long as we have love, alignment and trust
As long as we remember what is truly real
As long as we’re willing to deeply reveal
As long as we – even in darkness – still believe
In the sacred light … we still can perceive
As long as we process the angst, judgment and hate
Here, in harmony, we embrace all things great

So this prayer is made; the intention is set
In patience, we know God’s promises are kept
Though troubles may come and times may get tough
The Kings may lose, and the Dolphins may suck
Through mortgage mayhem and through bills that mount
It’s beauty and grace and miracles that count

The gifts of a life where we love and laugh
The high fives when we score are always a blast
The quaint walks and talks in the parks’ sunlight
The Venti hot chocolates if they ever get it right
The oatmeal and blueberries and eggs that are free
Perfect, as always, our lady Hennessy
Mark and Tim and Belinda and Harry
The work – though at times maddening – that creates legacy  
And all that is left, the splendor that is our fate
As we proclaim, in full abundance, all that is great

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