Monday, June 8, 2015

Bowing to the Truth - The Face of Love

As many in our society have been programmed to bow to the almighty systems in place, we all may want to take another look.

So far, those necessary societal giants, self-proclaimed, include but aren't limited to: 
  • The medical industry 
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • The police departments
  • The military
  • US political leaders breaking with "Constitutional Law"
  • The IRS
  • The FDA
  • Religions that lack a unifying spirituality 
  • The banks
As an idea, bow to the light that comes from within.
Now, this is all a matter of opinion of course. But, hell, this is my blog, so here is my opinion. We must not bow to any sort of posers but recall what is deeply true for us at the deepest levels.

A good example of the facade parading as truth came clear to me a couple months ago. I remember I was in a CVS drugstore, and I saw this 20-something-year-old dude walk in, and I recall thinking he seemed like a pretty mopey and dopey kid. I then watched as he walked up to the pharmacy, and I was thinking, "Oh poor dude, he's probably depressed and is coming in for some anti-depressant medication." He then walked through the little door of the pharmacy, and I was alarmed and hoped he wasn't going to rob it or cause some sort of commotion. I wasn't sure if I should say something in that split second, as this dude was obviously invading a secure space. A moment later I watched in surprise as the mopey, dopey dude picked up a white jacket and then put it on.

Oh. He works there. It all became clear. No, not that I misjudged an obvious upstanding and wonderful "doctor." No, it wasn't a realization that my preconceived ideas were so off-base, and not a thought that we shouldn't judge a book by a cover. But rather it was an awareness about the need to read the entire book and throw out the cover. It was a clarity about how much of a collective unconscious play is at hand with the darn white jacket of the "medical" industry. I instantly saw how much bullshit is sold and bought through the programming of minds that are hypnotized to "ask your doctor, ask your doctor, ask your doctor." So many commercials, so much daytime and nighttime programming builds up the image of the most dopiest of dudes just because they know how to put on a fucking jacket.

So in this instance with this kid, all of the sudden he's reputable because he put on a freakin' white jacket? Since I am not enrolled in being trained to think like all the sheep following blindly. I'll stick with what is true for me - not medication that cures nothing. Not jackets selling the latest drug. Not anyone selling anything. I will listen to my own body and my own intuition. In terms of trust in the medical community, I will stick with my humble doctor of eastern and Chinese medicine any day, even though he doesn't wear jackets and actually wears brown corduroy pants!

Yes, I bow to the truth, from whatever source it arises.
  • The physicians and politicians who stand out to truly care for the bigger picture rather than selfish and small-minded agendas. 
  • My men's support team that challenges me to be my best, telling the good, the bad and the ugly truth. 
  • My wife as she pulls for my and everyone's best. 
  • My niece Grace as she smiles. 
  • My dog who approaches me with a toy to play with when I arrive home. 
The face of love in all its forms. I bow to that.

I bow to that. 

I bow to you, the truest identity of you, of which I am united ... in care, in peace, in love.

James Anthony Ellis is a writer and producer living in San Diego, California. He can be found at CVS mainly for greeting cards and at his website

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