Monday, June 15, 2020

The Art Of The Apology

From James Anthony Ellis'  upcoming book, a deep dive into the true nature of forgiveness and atonement. Here is a poetic expression regarding an act all too often misinterpreted.

The apology.
It is an art form; is it not?
How to deliver your regret?
How to bring your humility? Your responsibility?
And do so without the harsh clench of guilt, or shame or even blame.
How to deliver your regret, your pain?
Believing what you've done has affected another
Someone you call a friend, a lover, a love
How to deliver this?

Perhaps, just perhaps:
It takes a simple look, a simple prayer, a simple foundation at first
A foundation that sees us all connected
A knowing that at heart - we have not separated
A knowing that as spirit - we have not harmed a soul
But a knowing that in this physical realm - where we lean on one another and count on each other  - we can fall short
And in that falling - in that deep well we call humanity - we can bring our friend a gift
An apology
Not to make us "wrong" or "bad" or condemned to a forever hell.

But a gift that says:

·      I am a part of you.
·      I am connected to you.
·      I wish to be unified again.
·      What I've done has brought an adverse affect.
·      And for that I acknowledge my part and wish to offer regret and retribution.
·      From my deepest heart, allow me to do what I can to reinstate the One Mind and the One Power ... within us both.

This would be, indeed, a work of art ... 

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