Saturday, February 16, 2019

Somehow Yours

This one is inspired by our US Constitution, and the horrific tragedy of it being chipped apart, leaving a nation of citizens anything but free to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Control me, control me
Take what’s mine and do with it what you wish
Use me, use me, use me
Shackle me with iron
Handcuff me with your mind
Whip me into submission
It is your will
To control me, control me
I am what you want me to be
It is, oh master, my destiny

Govern me, govern me
Mother me, smother me
Force your care up my ass
Punished if I go against your plans
Search my soul because you feel like it
My car, my wallet, my cell phone, my pants
Grab my package near the baggage return
Scan my body, my mind, my social media
My phone records, my eyes, my thumbprint
Orchestrate complicated tax forms to elevate your status
Press down hard, like onto a flea, so the blood spurts outward
Bleeding savings and profits, so they can be your own
My debt is your leverage, gifting you capital gains
Stick needles into our children, pin cushions for your power
Test me with your TB
No choices left for those hanging onto the human rights of passage
My rolling stops have you seeing red
So taser the uncontrollable
As your accountants lick their chops
Take what’s mine and do with it what you wish
Perhaps a nice dinner party dish
Catered by butler and maids who bend to your needs
Hotel lobby, government car, all paid expenses of travel and board
No need to hoard
For you have enough
Our hard earned money is somehow yours
Is somehow yours
Somehow yours

Control me, control me
Use me, use me
Shackle me, handcuff me
Whip me with your will
I am what you want me to be
Apparently, it is, oh master, our destiny

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