Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Top 10 Crazy Things We Do Around NHL Hockey

With the start of the hockey season, we are in full force of pendulum swing emotions, crazed high-fives and some heart-stopping, full-force game-viewing participation. Yup, it gets nuts. So what are just 10 of the crazy things we do around our LA Kings hockey team?
  1. Drive in traffic to LA, drop off our dog with pet sitter in a questionable part of town, pay $25 to park and then get best seats where we can hear the cursing.  
  2. Hire Bailey the Mascot to come to Lemon Grove near San Diego for Jennifer's birthday celebration.  
  3. Give in to superstitions so our team wins, such as wearing Kings' beanie from 1978. (See picture)
  4. Get a small game of air hockey to play during the period breaks.
  5. Create a Facebook message thread over 1,000 posts long with buds from across Southern California, as we chat during the game.  
  6. Invite my men's team over to watch certain games, and serve cookies with the LA Kings logo on them.  
  7. Tweet announcers Patrick O'Neal and Jimmy Fox to get some clarity around some plays.
  8. Get up at 4 am to make it to Redondo Beach so we can do a run/walk 5k with some of the players ... and their dogs.  
  9. Jersey Quick 32 for me; Jersey Kopitar 11 for Jennifer.  
  10. Hold breath for 2.5 hours every single game.  

Jim Ellis has liked the Los Angeles Kings ever since he was 9 years old. He even went to the Miracle on Manchester comeback game in 1982. Yes he did. His family can vouch for that. Other topics at

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